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Shapermint uses Ada to increase sales generated by customer service team

Offering intimates, shapewear, and loungewear from 13 brands including its own two in-house brands (Empetua and truekind), Shapermint is every woman’s go-to ecommerce website for body confidence and empowerment. Shapermint has already topped 4 million customers around the world due in large part to its advocacy for social causes, and best-in-class customer care.

Introducing no-code AI in weeks

To keep up with the brand’s explosive growth, Shapermint moved quickly to scale operations—customer support in particular. Shapermint understood that offering 24/7 live chat on their website would elevate their customer experience and drive sales, but were concerned about their capacity and the demand for quality service in synchronous messaging.

Shapermint partnered with Ada to scale up their synchronous customer engagement while simultaneously improving their industry-leading customer experience.

In collaboration with their Automated Customer Experience (ACX) Consultant at Ada, Shapermint’s non-technical customer service team designed and launched their AI-powered chatbot, Rachel Mint, in less than one month. The customer service team set up both the Shopify and Zendesk integrations, without dependence on development resources.

A winning automation-first approach

Shapermint positioned Rachel Mint at the top of the support funnel, proactively reaching out to website visitors to drive engagement, reducing barriers to purchase by answering common pre-sales questions, and resolving support inquiries post-purchase to save time for agents.

Rachel Mint was set up to integrate with Shapermint’s tech stack including Shopify for WISMO automation, as well as Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Support for seamless handoffs from Rachel Mint to human agents when needed.

After launching Rachel Mint as the first line of support during the 2019 holiday season, Shapermint was able to increase daily customer engagement by 15% and improve live agent CSAT to a whopping 98%. The brand also increased the percentage of sales facilitated by live agents by 50%, making agents that much more valuable to the team. Ultimately, Shapermint realized enough savings to hire 20 additional agents and continue investing in their customer experience strategy.

“Feedback from customers is extremely important to Shapermint. From day one, our goal has been to make women feel confident and empowered by delivering a personalized experience that turns customers into everyday brand ambassadors and keeps them coming back. Using conversational AI from Ada has helped us deliver on that promise as we’ve continued to grow.”

Massimiliano Tirocchi
Co-founder and CMO

Rachel Mint integrates with Shopify to provide customers with real-time order status updates, resulting in 75% resolution of WISMO (Where Is My Order) interactions via conversational AI. Using the same integration, Rachel Mint passes order information to the live agent when a customer requests a refund, empowering the agent to facilitate an exchange as opposed to a return.

Using humans wisely to elevate agent value

Launching an automation-first CX strategy with Ada allowed Shapermint’s customers to instantly self-serve 24/7. At the same time, Rachel Mint prioritized critical and high-value customer cases, and escalated to Shapermint’s live agents.

Rachel Mint facilitated a warm handoff to the human support team including a chat transcript and relevant customer details, reducing both customer and agent effort. As a result, live agents were quick to help with average wait times under 20 seconds while driving a 50% increase in their share of sales generated versus the previous year.

"When our company grew from 0 to 4 million customers in two years, it was nearly impossible to scale our one-to-one customer experience at the same pace. Now with Ada, our agents have more time to connect with customers to solve complex problems and our customers always have quick access to help right when they need it.”

Lorissa Ancheta
Director of Customer Care

Personalized support at scale

With Ada, Shapermint is also able to provide a consistent message and brand voice across all brand interactions, even as those communications have grown by 3x as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rachel Mint embodies Shapermint’s positive attitude and helpful persona in every answer provided. The chatbot’s greetings and messages are personalized to the customer depending on their previous chat experience, journey, and input. Additionally, Shapermint’s design team chose to customize the chatbot UI to match their brand image.

Give shoppers 24/7 self‑service

Ada's AI-powered platform easily connects to third party tools and systems, automating everything from simple shipping questions to more complex actions like refunds and exchanges.

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