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How Ada helped Qapital solve 25k customer service inquiries per month

The challenge

In 2017, Qapital was listed by Google as ‘the Most Innovative App of the Year’, after launching its mobile-only banking service that makes it easier to plan, invest, and save.

As Qapital went on to save its customers more than $1 billion, its reliance on Zendesk live agents for customer service proved challenging. The bottleneck was creating roadblocks for both customers and agents.

Long wait times and an ever-growing ticket list resulted in frustrated customers and kept agents from handling more valuable interactions.

As a brand used to shaking up the conservative banking space, Qapital knew it had to bring the same level of innovation to its customer service.

Before Ada

  • 100% of inquiries handled by Zendesk live agents
  • Agents unable to manage the escalating volume of tickets
  • Support hours limited to 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST

No-code automation with Ada

Members of Qapital’s existing support team worked with Ada’s Automated Customer Experience (ACX) Consultants to introduce automation as the first line of customer service. In less than 30 days, Qapital used Ada’s easy-to-use, AI-powered platform to build a customized chatbot that solves 25,000 monthly brand interactions, without the need for agent assistance.

Unlike other tools, it doesn’t take a developer to build with Ada. Instead, an active member of Qapital’s customer support team is able to divide her time between managing the chatbot and providing live assistance as an agent.

Even better, by removing the need to wait for developers to make changes, she can create, add, update, and strengthen content instantly whenever required.

“As an app and fast-growing business, our developers’ time is in high-demand. With Ada, we not only save a valuable resource, we can also put the chatbot in the hands of a customer service professional.”

Nimrod Barnea
VP of Customer Experience

Streamlining support priorities

By automating 25,000 monthly interactions, Ada allows Qapital’s agents to shift their time from handling every issue to only managing those that are high-value and require the human touch for resolution.

After Ada:

  • More than half of inquiries solved without live agent
  • Agents freed to support with proactive, high-value interactions
  • 24/7 chatbot available instantly to support

“With just Zendesk alone, our agents were handling every issue with the same level of urgency. With Ada, customers can talk to an automated service that can identify their issue and create a ticket, if required. We then use this information to assign priority to those issues so bigger, more time-sensitive inquiries are solved faster. The agents are happier. The customers are happier.”

Nimrod Barnea
VP of Customer Experience

Improving performance with insights

The data captured from Ada’s Analytics Dashboard is depended on by stakeholders across the company who use the insights to improve the mobile app’s processes, plans, and pricing.

"We see every customer service interaction as product feedback," explains Barnea. "That’s why Ada’s value hasn’t only been in how the platform improves our customer experience, but also in how it provides us with the information we need to understand how to improve our product."

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