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Ada helped BlueJeans serve 72% of its chat users with its chatbot versus a live Agent

The challenge

BlueJeans by Verizon is a communications technology company for enterprise productivity. It empowers organizations to succeed via secure video collaboration and large interactive events in a work-from-anywhere world. The pandemic presented both opportunities and challenges for BlueJeans’ sales and support teams. Free users, who don’t directly generate revenue for the business, were generating a significant volume of customer support inquiries and were often costly to serve. BlueJeans wanted to be available to all user types across the customer journey to offer a high quality support experience to both prospective and existing customers.

The opportunity

Brands often need a way to show up instantly and consistently, any time and anywhere their customers need them, all while growing in popularity.

How do they:

  • Deliver valuable interactions at scale to meet people’s needs quickly?
  • Use every brand interaction as an opportunity to build trust, deliver value, and, ultimately, drive growth
  • Purposefully automate conversations with customers across their lifecycle to save costs and grow revenue, all while treating every customer like a VIP?

In the case of BlueJeans, it needed a needed a scalable solution that would allow it to offer quality of service for both its high-value enterprise customer base and free users. With the help of Ada, it was able to do this.

“At BlueJeans, our core focus is our customers. Ada is helping us elevate the support experience for all of our users — not just our largest customers. This is what sets us apart from our competitors.”
Chadd Thompson
Head of Marketing

The successful outcome

Prior to implementing Ada on the BlueJeans support, the company’s support channels included live chat, portal case creation, and phone support. With Ada, customers quickly adopted the chatbot as a new form of support.

BlueJeans implemented Ada across its support and pricing webpages as the first point of contact for prospective and existing customers, naming the chatbot Denim. It was so successful that Ada was also added to its Trial and Product pages.

Using Ada’s no-code builder interface, BlueJeans created automated conversational flows in Denim to resolve the most common customer questions while making it easier and faster for prospects to reach a sales representative.

BlueJeans was intentional about the personality of its bot. Denim was designed to be chipper and friendly, in line with BlueJeans’ brand and the experience a customer should expect from BlueJeans’ human representatives.

Integrations and setup

Salesforce Live Agent

  • Ada facilitates a warm transition to a human agent when more help is needed on either
    a support or sales inquiry.

Salesforce Service Cloud

  • When needed, Ada generates cases in Salesforce that are populated with customer details to assist agents with faster resolution.
  • Customers with open cases can request Ada to look up the case status and provide a direct escalation to a BlueJeans agent.

Salesforce Community

  • BlueJeans’ customized proactive messages on popular knowledge base articles, serving up top tips for customers to self-serve.

BlueJeans Status Page

  • Ada has been integrated with the BlueJeans Status Page to proactively notify users of new or updated postings.

“Seventy-two percent of our users who chat with Ada don’t escalate to a live agent. As a result, we’ve reduced our first response time for complex questions that need to be passed on to a human agent.”

Zachary Bosin
VP, Product Marketing

The results

  • 75% of support contacts engage with the chatbot.
  • 72% containment rate of customers in the chatbot not needing to be transferred to a live agent, as a result of artificial intelligence and machine learning with Ada.
  • A reduction from 30% to 5% live chats from trial end users, allowing BlueJeans live agents to be more readily available to paid customers.
“Ada’s integrations with Salesforce allow us to proactively engage our customers and drive self-service. In one of my favorite use cases, we connected Ada to our status page so we can proactively notify users of new or updated postings.”
Ryan Elder
Support Lead, Oprations and Enablement

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