Shopping Bots: ‘30’ Best Bots for eCommerce

The era for shopping has drastically changed and it is slowly transitioning to the digital world as we know it. Customers are now demanding shopping applications that are fast, convenient, and most of all — vigilant when it comes to searching for the best deals online. 

One of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that is slowly gaining popularity are shopping bots. These are highly advanced robots that help people find the best deals and the most affordable rates online. From electronic devices, hotel reservations, books, games, clothes to training shoes, there is absolutely nothing these bots can’t find.

Shopping Bots: What They Are & Why They’re Important

A shopping robot is a self-service automated system that scans thousands of pages to find the best product options and deals for the user. The benefits of investing in a shopping bot is that (1) it is a customer self-service system that supports the user with every inquiry faster than any human expert, (2) shopping bots make product navigation much, much easier, (3) doesn’t require lengthy checkouts, (4) reduces friction in shopping experiences by giving users a multitude of options, pros and cons, (5) personalized recommendations that are programmed to suit the preferences of each consumer. There are 30 best bots that provide users seamless shopping experiences for different needs. Whether it’s for business management or personal use, there is a shopping bot for everyone. 

What is a Shopping Bot?

A shopping bot is a self-service automated system that scans thousands of website pages around the world once a product inquiry has been made. Once it finds the best deal, it will immediately alert the user without wasting a second. Advanced shopping bots are even programmed to purchase the item right away after a minute it’s been released. Some would even claim that these web-based self-service systems can checkout in less than 200 - 1000 milliseconds. That’s literally a blink of an eye! 

Why do you need a digital self-service system? Here’s an example:

Manually looking for bargain deals online for high-demand items like designer bags, limited edition shoes, concert tickets, hotel reservations, and game consoles is nearly impossible when there are thousands of people waiting for the same opportunity. To stay ahead of the crowd, shopping bots are used to purchase these items or to just patrol the market for great deals on behalf of the user. 

If you want to secure your slot and get your hands on that prized item, then investing in a self-service software is worth every penny you spend.

Benefits of a Shopping Bot


What is self-service? 

To define self-service in general, it is an organized system that allows consumers to select goods or services on their own. In simpler terms, instead of talking to a company’s customer service representative for assistance, self-service shopping bots are used to provide online support for the user. 

Self-service examples: 

  • Online banking services
  • Ticket booking 
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Clothes and accessories shopping 
  • Gadget hunting

Which is a self-service typically offered via a website?

Retailers understand that consumers have evolved throughout the years and the expectations for perfect and consistent customer services are outrageous. Realistically speaking, this standard is too high for humans to maintain. For this reason, a personal shopping assistant robot or chatbots are the ideal medium to get the job done. 

Here are several benefits of self-service chatbots: 

  • Increase in daily productivity 
  • Seamless shopping experience 
  • Incredibly fast service 
  • Reduces overall shopping cost 
  • Skip long lines at the mall 
  • Unlimited access to critical data, status, and details

Easier product navigation

Having unlimited product options can be a problem. Multiple product variations take an immense amount of time to manually handpick the best among the rest.

Shopping bots play an integral role when it comes to making the online shopping experience of each consumer much, much easier. These self-customer service systems are designed to research, compare, and summarize the best product option there is for the user. It will also provide a link to the merchant for purchasing. This will help narrow down the supreme products with little to no effort on the consumers’ end.

Faster checkouts

Some customers are impatient. An extensively long checkout process can be a cause for them to abandon their carts fast. 

Possible factors could also be: 

  • The rate is too high 
  • There are too many steps to do from cart to checkout 
  • Too many ads that get in the way 

Shopping bots don’t require lengthy procedures to checkout and most of them are ads free. The process is just like chatting with your friend. It’s quick, easy, and direct to the point. You certainly won’t waste any time checking out when shopping bots are around.

Reduces friction in the shopping experience

Customer frictions are horrific customer services that disrupts your shopping experience online or in physical stores. Basically any source of inconvenience that will make you feel stressed, frustrated, and irritated. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • Extremely slow website
  • Disorganized product placements
  • Long payment forms 
  • Stock shortages
  • Limited payment options 

Luckily, self-service portals are the best solution for a hassle-free purchase journey. Self-service support ensures an effortless purchase experience across a wide variety of channels to satisfy the needs of the customers without causing any problems.

Personalized recommendation

Instead of endlessly scrolling down a category page, shopping bots filter out the things you want and don’t want through a conversation. It will ask you what you’re looking for and create a personalized recommendation list that suits your needs at any time of the day. 

Website self-service systems are available 24/7 to cater to the sales or support queries of the user. Unlike human representatives that are only available during a limited set of time, shopping bots make online shopping a lot easier by being constantly available. This allows the customers to buy what they want, whenever they want without being limited.  

30 Best Bots for Shopping

Ada's industry leading conversational intelligence powers some of the the largest names in eCommerce. From Shopify to Tile, enterprises everywhere are impressed by Ada for three main reason:

1. End to End Customer Experience: Ada's Engage solution perfectly marries automated marketing with customer support live chat — seamlessly transitioning leads to your check-out, while containing customer service queries to minimize the burden on your support team.

2. Record Holding Resolution Rates: On average, Ada's clients see 80% of customer concerns get resolved without human industries. This industry leading containment rate puts Ada well above their peers.

3. Personalized Conversion Optimization: Ada's conversational AI integrates with a wide range of CRM's & 3rd parties, allowing us to provide personalized responses to clients based on their shopping history. This personalization makes it easy to up-sell and cross-sell to your most valuable users.

4. Multi-channel Integrations: From WhatsApp to Facebook messenger, Ada allows eCommerce vendors to engage their clients across dozens of channels — driving up retention rates and driving down customer complaints.

If you'd like to learn more about Ada's eCommerce & shopping solutions, you can talk to our team.

For those who love traveling, SnapTravel is one of the best shopping bot options out there. Customers can get up to 30 to 50% off hotel and travel deals. Prestigious companies like Sabre, Amadeus,,, and so much more partnered with SnapTravel to make the most out of the experience.  

All you have to do is enter your city, preferred accommodation, and the date you want it to be booked. Once all of this information is entered, your bot will automatically scan the web to find the perfect exclusive deals for your trip. 
Customers can use either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to confirm your bookings. SnapTravel offers 24/7 customer chat support and exclusive VIP packages. 

Advanced shopping bots like  is a self-service support system that studies the algorithm of retailers and provides solutions on  how to improve it drastically. As a frontliner in modern analytics, the chatbox can also  automate business processes in different departments like Airlines, Hospitality, Real Estate,  eCommerce, Broadcast TV, and Human Resources without breaking a sweat.

Operator is the first shopping bot built explicitly for global consumers looking to buy items from U.S. based companies. The app allows the users to browse product lists and make a purchase without it being too overwhelming. But in cases that it does get complicated, the app provides human experts to help guide them with the process of importing. is a free and easy to follow  eCommerce platform that customers can install directly on their own messenger app or the brands website. The perks of using the app is that customers can connect to over 2,000  brands and local shops; there are more than 40 categories with over 8,600,000 products and 40,000 exclusive deals you can find in their webpage.

There is a tendency that customers immediately purchase the product they’re looking for in the first shop they see and regret it afterwards because there was a cheaper version of it somewhere else. 

Birdie helps you minimize these situations by providing you detailed product reviews and their ranking online. The client’s personalized profile allows the bot to suggest products and brands that fit the preference of each user’s shopping habits. 

SMSBump is a good self-service portal that makes the functionality of SMS Marketing extremely easy. This self-servicing IT has the biggest automation library in the market. Choosing the best automated message that suits the users market and potential leads is a piece of cake with the help of this self-service software.

If you want a personal shopping assistant, ChatShopper provides a 24/7 personal shopping bot named Emma. Just like advanced AI solutions similar to Siri and Alexa, Emma will help you discover a wide variety of products on Android, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant. 

Customers will be given a ton of options from different categories  that vary from clothing and accessories. All the user has to do is type in the name or keyword of the item you’re looking for and Emma will provide a list of items that are the perfect fit for the query. 

Letsclap utilizes voice and conversational solutions that allows merchants and customers to enjoy the advantages of two different things.  It offers mobile messaging, voice assistance for business owners and clients, and chatbots that are ready to assist them 24/7. 

Shopping bots will take the requests of their clients and help guide them throughout the process of selecting and purchasing the leading match. Should there be any problems the bot can’t solve, human experts will interfere right away. 

IT self help applications is an extremely competitive market and this inspired RooBot to take it a notch higher with their online self-service app. Similar to Amazon Alexa, RooBot empowers enterprise self-service shopping apps with an AI-driven personal shopper that answers any customer query through voice detention. 

To make eCommerce a lot easier for business owners and their customers, this shopping bot also personalizes every customer's shopping profile to provide better product recommendations. 

For meme lovers, Kik Bot Shop should be on your top 10  list of web self-service apps online. This playful shopping bot elevates the overall conversation and shopping experience of the customers with a variety of  eCommerce shops. Businesses are given the freedom to choose and personalize  entertainment bots that share memes to engage and connect with their users. 

The competitive edge has against the competitors is that it’s a monetization platform. This shopping bot allows merchants to personalize or construct product recommendations that customers will not only love, but also be persuading enough to be a potential sale conversion in the end. This can be installed and accessed  either on a mobile phone or eCommerce platforms such as Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Discord. 

Connecting to enterprises shouldn’t be complex. AI experts that developed Yellow Messenger were inspired by Yellow Pages in general. Yellow Messenger gives users easy access to a wide array of product listings that vary from plane tickets, hotel reservations, and much, much more. 

Yellow Messenger drastically enhances employee productivity and lessens time spent on tedious tasks. Applications like Microsoft teams, Slack, and Hangouts are platforms that power self-service and instant connection. 

5Gifts4Her has impeccably intelligent self-service solutions that simplify buying gifts for the special women in your life. This shopping bot makes gift buying easier by showcasing a weekly catalog designed specifically for women.

Users who are having a hard time choosing a gift for women can now freely browse and purchase the perfect gift directly from your Facebook Messenger. 

Getting your hands on the latest sneakers  without having to compete with a crowd is impossible and mostly frustrating. Cybersole is a shopping bot that is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of every sneakerhead. This shopping bot’s lightning fast features are multi-threaded to ensure the finest and most reliable service there is. 

Cybersole supports a variety of retailers including Finish Lane, Supreme, Mesh, Footsies, and 270 more stores to choose from. With this app, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing a drop ever again. 

Get the most bang for your buck with Luko’s advanced features. This feature-rich shopping bot tracks the cheapest Amazon product deals there could probably be. Once the price of the item you’ve had your eye on for a long time drops, Luko makes sure that you will be the first one to find out about it. 

All you have to do is notify which item you want to price-track and let Luko do it’s magic. 

Manually checking out will never be your problem again once you subscribe to Dashe’s shopping bot. Shopping bots like those under Dashe are auto-checkout tools that help the user check out immediately without delay. This self-service software scans the wide internet world for hard to resist deals for just a monthly fee of $50. (note that they only accept PayPal as their mode of payment) 

Similar to the 5Gifts4Her shopping bot, Beauty Gifter’s services also revolved around finding the best gift for women. The main difference between the two is that Beauty Gifter can use personal profiles as a reference for their gift ideas, whereas the latter doesn’t. The bot collects information from the receiver by asking a series of questions. 

Data gathered from the profile programs the shopping to create the perfect list that is bound to exceed the expectations of the user. 

What Bretman Rock, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian all have in common is their unorthodox and hip fashion sense  that never fails to wow  the world. If you want to have the same wardrobe as them, CelebStyle is the perfect shopping bot to help you. 

CelebStyle helps their users find the exact clothes celebrities are wearing and the merchant that sells them online. New celebrity profiles are uploaded to give customers more options to choose from. With CelebStyle, anyone can now dress up like their favorite A-List superstar. 

From joggers and skinny jeans to crop tops and to shirts, as long as it’s a piece of clothing, H&M shopping bots have got you covered. Customers can connect directly to the  customer service portal to get access to the company’s clothing gallery to find items that suit your style. 

Note that this app is designed to only feature H&M products. Users will be given limited edition product deals and exclusive information on how to build an outfit style that anyone can rock during night outs.

Hair color junkies listen up. The famous Madison Reed hair coloring company launched a 24/7 shopping bot that acts like your personal hair stylist. Madi is like having your own professional colorist in your pocket. 

The customer service portal helps clients find which hair color works best for any skin tone and eye color. You wouldn’t have to worry about using the wrong shade of hair color ever again. 

Finding high-quality clothes and accessories for women are Francesca’s specialty. The simple design of the bot makes it one of the best self-service websites that can answer different questions like the availability, shipping, and sizing options without using rocket science to do so.

Self-service solutions provided by Readow caters to those who are book lovers. The bot scans the wide web for the best book recommendations and high-quality reads that will satisfy the need of the user. 

To make the recommendations more personal, the bot engages in a conversation with the user first and asks specific questions like which genre they prefer reading and which author they love the most. 

Botler Chat is one of the self-service options independent sellers like startups and small marketing agencies can use to grow  their market. Engaging in a conversation with the shopping bot provides the user solutions and detailed strategies on how to sell their products and services to different market categories online. 

Self-service businesses take advantage of Dropshipping Assistant’s ability to follow different product trends in the market. The users will be given exclusive access to eCommerce topics that can help expound their businesses in different terms. 

NexC is a self-service platform that provides their users an extraordinary shopping experience in four easy steps:

Elaborate to the bot what specific products you want. 
The bot will then scan the web using AI technology to find the best match for your needs. 
Once the bot finds a list of possibilities, it narrows it down to the top three products that are the perfect fit for your request. 
Lastly,  personalized recommendations will be provided that weighs the products pros and cons to help the users decide which product to buy.

WeChat is a self-service company app that allows businesses to communicate freely and build a relationship with their customers by giving them easy access to their products. It makes product inquiries, easier and more manageable for both ends. 

The name says it all. Magic provides users with supernatural self-service applications that provide AI-solutions and human experts to assist each customer with anything. From placing an order online to booking a ticket to the beach, Magic gets the job done. 

BlingChat caters to millennials that are looking to buy engagement rings or an assistant in planning their wedding. This shopping bot also provides merchants to use the app to present their ring designs and get discovered by a larger market.