What Is Shopify Chat?

Shopify Chat is a live chat software linked directly to your online Shopify store through a customizable chat button. This feature provides consumers with a seamless way to reach out and connect with brands while shopping on desktop or mobile anytime, anywhere. Shopify's live chat app allows brands to respond to customers in real-time at the convenience of the customer.

Online messaging has become many people’s go-to mode of communication and is quickly becoming the preferred method to reach out to businesses, especially online stores. Shopify chat enhances the customer purchasing experience by giving a convenient stream of desired information that will give customers confidence that they are buying from the right place. Messaging is familiar and comfortable, making it the perfect place to deploy conversational marketing to immediately convert online traffic into customers, blurring the line between marketing and sales.

In order to maximize the potential of your Shopify online chat, cross-platform integrations such as Zendesk Chat can be extremely useful in helping your team provide better customer support. Zendesk messaging allows brands to scale their live chat function for every customer's need via chatbots. A 2019 survey has shown that 86% of customers would prefer to interact with a live agent because disjointed conversations with chatbots often fail to offer any genuine assistance for more complicated matters. The AI-powered chatbots used by Zendesk can offer automated responses for simple FAQs before directing the customer to an agent for more complex questions. As of December 2020, only 18% of consumers seem to negatively view chatbots when used in this hybrid model with agents. By connecting chat channels across multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you can ensure that all customers are being served on their own terms, immediately and effectively.

What Is Shopify Live Chat Used For?

Shopify customer chat is used primarily for providing instant, 24/7 support to those shopping on your website. The live chat function makes it easier than ever to connect with consumers through an authentic and personalized purchasing experience on a form of social media that is familiar and comfortable to them. Conversational marketing will allow agents to build rapport with customers while growing your brand’s sales pipeline. Your brand can initiate conversations with customers through proactive notifications that lead to your shop chat. Once in a conversation with a customer, agents can answer questions, make recommendations based on customer needs, share custom discount codes, or even give customers the option to purchase within the chat function for an added level of convenience.

These ongoing conversations with consumers will be vital in driving customer acquisition and onboarding for your e-commerce brand while increasing customer satisfaction. Since Shopify customer service chat is an ongoing conversation, chat history will reduce repetition when customers have issues searching for their ideal product or service. Customers will never have to repeat themselves to customer service reps ever again. The online chat will also boost your agents’ productivity because they can read past conversation points and support customers more efficiently by focusing on their complex issues and allowing the chatbot to answer the more trivial requests.

Chatbots can handle common inquiries such as order status requests which often have simple answers. You can design your chatbot to provide automated responses with the appropriate order status and tracking link, which your customer can refer back to at any point by viewing chat history. The artificial intelligence of the chatbot will also help broaden the type of requests it will be able to assist over time. An intelligent chatbot will learn from past customer interactions and help you adjust responses on your Shopify Chat app. Timely and accurate responses will help the conversation feel more personal to the customer. This will ultimately increase customer engagement, boost your chat reviews, and give your brand a competitive advantage over brands that lack a comprehensive chat function.

Shopify Chat: What Is It and Why It Is Useful For Customer Experience

Shopify Chat is a live messaging app geared towards customer service. Via modern messaging apps, brands can engage with customers and enhance their buying experience. Shopify live chat makes buying simple and convenient by giving consumers all the control, allowing the user to choose the social media channel and timeline for interacting with customer service. Without leaving the app, customers can have ongoing conversations with agents and promptly receive the valuable information they were seeking. Meanwhile, customers can seamlessly make purchases in-chat using Apple Pay at their convenience. By putting conversational marketing into practice, you can diversify your sales channels while building personalized relationships with customers through authentic buying experiences.

With the help of powerful cross-platform integrations, such as Zendesk Chat, you can feasibly make Shopify customer service chats scalable through automation and reach a larger audience in a shorter time frame. Chatbots will ensure that all customers can access your store and self-serve to get the answers they need, exactly when they want them. Agents can pass along information much more quickly and efficiently than conventional customer support, putting an end to irritating call center wait times that can drive away impatient customers.


Considerations When Deploying Shopify Live Chat

Some key considerations to make when deploying your Shopify help chat include managing your widget placement for the Shopify customer chat. You want to ensure that your shop chat widget is noticeable and clear to consumers visiting your online store. A sure-fire technique to ensure that consumers notice your chat with Shopify is to set up proactive customer support notifications. A recent survey has shown that 85% of consumers prefer to receive proactive customer service notifications when shopping online. This means that proactive conversational marketing at the right moments will not only aid in generating more leads and revenue but will also increase customer satisfaction.

Another important consideration to make for your Shopify customer chat is anticipating spikes in conversation volumes. When it comes to shopping online, it is all about speed and convenience. If the consumer has a faster and more convenient option similar in price and quality, the customer will choose the faster option every time. That is why your brand must anticipate spikes in conversation volumes so that an appropriate number of agents are online to support customers in times of higher online traffic. Comprehensive and universal training for all of your agents will ensure that customers are handled consistently and according to your policies, as well as providing satisfaction in their client conversational experiences. Moreover, you’ll want to make best practices clear for all of your agents in order to maximize the conversion rate from online traffic into sales. Conversational marketing skill workshops will elevate your agents’ skills in Shopify customer service chat.

When it comes to monitoring your online traffic, which is crucial to making the most out of customer interactions within your Shopify live chat, chat reviews and reporting should be analyzed in order to improve responses to better serve your buyers. If you often find your agents repeatedly answering the same question, seek out opportunities to automate those repetitive customer service inquiries. Shop chat will quickly and efficiently redirect your customers, saving them valuable time and allow your agents to focus their efforts on more complicated service requests. Customize Shopify Chat with integrations that fit your business and unique customer needs.

Shopify Chat: Benefits And Integrations

Shopify online chat has many practical benefits for brands as well as the customers they serve. First and foremost, the Shopify Chat app is a free sales channel that allows businesses to convert online traffic into sales by engaging with consumers to ensure they feel confident with their purchases. Conversational marketing will help make online interactions feel more personal, which will help foster long-term relationships with loyal business partners for the brand and the customer alike. Shopify online chat is also an excellent opportunity to infuse your brand’s personality into your customer's experience through voice, tone, and content. Behind the scenes, Shopify Chat also makes team collaboration with colleagues faster and streamlined. You and your agents can manage customer and team conversations in a coherent layout, all on the same app.

Additional features and functions can be added to Shopify Chat by virtue of cross-platform integrations of various software programs. Zendesk Chat is one of many integrations that can improve the live chat Shopify software by integrating an artificial intelligence system to provide automated answers for frequently asked questions. The AI-powered chatbot will not only improve customer experience but will also streamline your sales funnel and save you the time and resources required to answer simple FAQs manually. Once you’ve engaged with leads through a conversational chatbot, your agents can better assess how to best serve them in order to convert them from a lead to a customer through your marketing funnel. By making sure the customer buys the right product or service the first time, your company saves money wasted by returns and ingratiates loyal repeat business with excellent, targeted service. Additionally, the data you collect from your chat conversations with consumers will also be a valuable marketing tool for your brand to guide future improvements to your online platform.



Top Shopify Chat Integrations

Best Live Chat

Apps for Shopify

Key Features:


  • Combination of chatbots and agents
  • Intelligent AI-powered bots
  • Premier chatbot partner for Zendesk

Zendesk Chat

  • Personalized interactions
  • Strong analytics
  • On the go customer service
  • Automated chats

ProProfs Chat

  • Real-time visitor monitoring
  • Chat windows customization
  • Insightful reports to estimate chat quality
  • Pre-chat form and canned responses to save time


  • Real-time chat
  • Customer data storage
  • Track customer’s activity


  • Live dashboard
  • Latest chat features
  • Customer education

Formilla Live Chat

  • Chat customization
  • Canned responses
  • Mobile apps


  • Packed with features
  • Marketing message segmentation
  • Strong CRM


  • Communication via chatbots
  • Customizable widgets
  • Mobile friendly


  • Unlimited chats
  • Robust dashboard
  • Track website visitors


  • Customized chats
  • Quick integration
  • Complete access to APIs


  • Proactive invitations
  • Customizable widgets
  • Know your website visitors


  • Seamless platform
  • Easy integration
  • Automated chats


  • Visitor tracking
  • CRM integration for more conversion
  • Smart analytics


  • Feature-rich
  • Grow your email list
  • Access messages offline


  • Feature-rich
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Customizable widgets

WherEver Chat

  • Custom click-to-chat link
  • Store chat history
  • Push notifications