Salesforce Chat Automation

How AI-powered Salesforce chat works:

Salesforce Live Chat works by combining the world’s #1 service platform with automation that is adaptable and personalizable to give clients the predictions, recommendations and answers they need. Users can interact with virtual chatbots through live messaging on your company’s website. Salesforce has also integrated their services across multiple platforms including Messenger and WhatsApp for maximum customer convenience. 

The Salesforce chatbots will simulate human conversation by prompting the user to put forward specific queries and respond accordingly until a problem has been narrowed down. Once the AI chatbot has identified a customer’s query and determines that it has reached the limit of its ability to provide adequate support, it can connect the customer to a live agent. Thanks to the prior conversation with the AI chatbot, this agent will already have access to all the contextual information they need to best serve the client. 

How automated Salesforce chatbots help:

Automated Salesforce chatbots serve as the front lines for customer service, handling basic queries and saving time while Salesforce live agents are free for more complex tasks. Incorporating an AI chatbot into your business can reduce live agent attrition to only 3%.

Integration of Salesforce with Ada has produced customer service bots that can work 24/7, manage over 100 languages, and have been shown to answer over 80% of customer inquiries without the need for live agents to get involved, for the ultimate automated customer service (ACX) experience. Ada’s AI chatbots achieved a remarkable 90% CSAT score, a test of an artificial intelligence program’s ability to simulate human interaction.

Over the last decade, customer expectations have evolved almost as quickly as technology. Almost 66% of modern customers refuse to wait more than 2 minutes to receive support, putting valuable sales potential in jeopardy. Automating Salesforce chats with Ada can reduce customer wait times from 1 hour to only 1 minute or less. The adaptive nature of AI-powered chatbots allows customers to self-service and take control of their own experience using accurate predictions and suggestions based on past interactions with the online chatbot.

Testimonials from companies using Ada’s AI Salesforce Chat:

“Our chatbot is capable of handling up to 25,000 individual queries per second, 24 hours a day, allowing our passengers to get an immediate response.” - Adam Geneave, Chief Customer Happiness Officer, Air Asia

“We are really excited by the opportunity to integrate Zoom with Salesforce to give advanced levels of insight to our sales and customer care teams before the phone has even been answered!” - Dave Anderson, head of business services at UK-based Thomas International

“We chose Ada with Salesforce because Ada learns on its own, has easy-to-use reporting to quickly see where we aren’t meeting customers’ needs, and was purpose-built to provide the great automated customer experience that our customers deserve and want.” - Bernie Leas, VP of operations, Balsam Brands

Salesforce Live Agent Features

Automated Customer Success

The Salesforce Customer Success Platform consists of a suite of cloud-based products and services that can improve your business, from analytics to service to marketing and more. Using Einstein AI, the Salesforce service platform can be scaled and automated to increase live agent productivity while working seamlessly with other salesforce customer success platforms.


Salesforce analytics are intuitive and easily shareable to facilitate data-driven decisions. The cloud-based platform saves storage headaches while masterfully combining several data sources into one use-friendly interface.

Salesforce’s AI-powered Tableau has over a million satisfied users, thanks to its fully integrated interface and appealing visual presentation, which reveal patterns and insights with ease.

Wave Analytics combines data from several platforms into one coherent system for higher education institutions, that can be accessed conveniently from any of your devices.


Keeping up with support requests without the help of ACX can be an insurmountable task. Luckily, Salesforce can help get through more requests by automating redundant administrative tasks and using ticketing to increase efficiency of interactions between customers and live agents. After contacting a help desk, customers will be assigned an electronic ‘ticket’, much like one would take a number in a hospital waiting room. 

Salesforce Chatbot Integration

How integrating your Salesforce Live Chat with Ada works:

    1. Chat with us: Click the “Ask About This App” button to let us know which Apps you’re interested in.

    2. We activate the App: Our team will work with you to determine pricing, if applicable, and then activate the App.

    3. You configure the App: Your no-code App will be in the Integrations section of your dashboard, ready to be set up in minutes. Use the Ada Glass for Salesforce - Configuration guide for help configuring your Ada Glass for Salesforce integration. 

For more details, instructions and support, visit the Ada App Directory.

Salesforce Einstein Chatbot Set Up:

Even if you don’t plan on creating a chatbot, you still have to enable the chat function in Salesforce setup in order to enable Einstein bots. If it’s your first Einstein bot, you will have to accept the terms. You can then create a New bot from the Einstein Bots setup page, either from scratch or using one of the beginner Intro Templates. You will need to provide basic information such as bot name and main menu options. When you’re done, you can click Create and Finish to navigate to the Overview page, where you can review your bots’ properties and activate it. Returning users can link a bot to an existing deployment. Otherwise, you will have to add a channel - a platform that your bot will use. Finally, you’ll be ready to preview and apply your bot!

For more details and screenshots, visit this site.

Salesforce WhatsApp Bot:

With over 2 billion users in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is a valuable platform for businesses to use to capitalize on customer communication. As of Spring 2020, WhatsApp accommodates both customer care interactions and pre-approved notifications via Salesforce. In short, customers can both reach out to businesses with inquiries and receive transactional updates over WhatsApp. These interactions can be handled by an AI-powered bot that interacts with the customer through the WhatsApp messaging platform for their convenience. 

Integration of your Salesforce with WhatsApp Bot can be achieved through either the WhatsApp messaging feature on Salesforce itself, or through Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce Messenger Bot:

Salesforce chatbot can make use of Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers. By simply selecting Facebook Messenger as the channel for the bot you create in Salesforce and associating it with your business’ Facebook page, ACX can be scaled to accommodate thousands of Facebook users.


As Salesforce expands its boundaries to integrate more platforms and functionalities, the opportunity to improve your business’ ACX and drive sales only grows.

Still not sure if Salesforce chatbots are right for you? Learn more about Salesforce + Ada, Salesforce Einstein, or customer service with the world’s #1 CRM.