The impact of Professional Services

Why you should work with the automation experts

Every brand is unique, and Ada Professional Services is dedicated to ensuring a deep understanding of your customers, needs and goals, so we can help you implement an automation strategy that achieves your desired business outcomes.  

  • Strategy and vision: From day one, Ada Professional Services helps guide an effective automation program across channels and the end-to-end customer journey. 
  • Rapid time to value: No use case is too complex — launch in as little as 30 days with a dedicated team that will build and train your conversational AI, workflows, and integrations in alignment with your objectives.
  • Automation expertise: Tap into our team’s unrivaled expertise in customer service automation and technical implementation to achieve success and optimize results.

Your partner at every stage of the automation journey

When you partner with Ada Professional Services you’ll get a dedicated team that includes a: 

  • Professional Services Consultant: Your PS Consultant will build and implement your conversational AI, set up integrations, and guide you through onboarding and enablement. 
  • Delivery Manager: In alignment with your automation and project vision, they’ll work with you to establish—and meet—your success criteria.
  • Solutions Architect: Responsible for scoping and architecture strategy, your Solutions Architect will support and guide the technical implementation of your bot to ensure it meets your needs.
  • Success Manager: They work closely with everyone on the team to define the vision and project plan, and measure and optimize impact. 

Don't take our word for it, hear from our clients

+81 NPS

30 average days to launch

500+ trained in Ada's ACX Academy

Expert guidance on your end-to-end strategy

Whether you’re looking for a full build, a single integration to further personalize your CX, or guidance on your automation strategy, Ada Professional Services can help you do it all. 

Work with the team on: 

  • Design thinking workshops
  • Planning and roadmapping
  • Technical scoping, architecture, and best practices
  • Bot build and API integrations 
  • Product onboarding, training, and enablement 

Custom integrations unique to you, built by Ada

Looking for something more custom? No problem. Our team is always on hand to build new integrations that meet your needs, so you can get to market even faster with a personalized, actionable experience. 

Ada’s Professional Services team will develop custom Apps that seamlessly integrate with your tech stack to automate new use cases across the customer journey.