Women at Ada: Perri on empathy and gender equality
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Women at Ada: Perri on empathy and gender equality

March 26, 2020 by Team Ada

In the spirit of International Women’s Month and in honour of our namesake Ada Lovelace, we're sharing stories of the women who make Ada an exceptional place to work. This is post #1 in the series.

This week’s interview is with Perri Maxwell, our current Director of Product Marketing (and former Account Manager, Mid-Market Team Lead) at Ada.

What do you do at Ada?

I’m an Account Manager as well as Team Lead for our Mid-Market Team. On a day to day basis, I partner with our clients to ensure they’re getting the most of our product, and I help our midmarket account managers achieve the same goals. 

What drew you to Ada?

I loved the description of Ada’s ideal candidate; specifically, that they should be highly empathetic. This resonated with me and really speaks to Ada’s company culture. 

Additionally, I majored in Linguistics and Psychology, so I was excited by the prospect of working for a company with an AI/ML product.

What’s it like being a woman working at Ada?

As a woman at Ada, I feel that I have a responsibility to elevate other women in our organization to middle management and leadership. I am mentored by senior leaders who happen to be both men and women, and I feel well-supported at Ada. I hope that the efforts we have in place will contribute to seeing more women in middle management and leadership roles. 

What does International Women’s Month mean to you?

This month is an opportunity to highlight the progress we’ve made as a society in moving towards gender equality. Similarly, it’s important to think about the gaps we still have yet to bridge.

What do you hope to change by the time that International Women’s Day 2040 rolls around?

I hope that our educational institutions will have new curricula that empower young girls to pursue careers in STEM. I also hope that gender equality in the workforce will be table stakes across all industries, not just in tech. 

Biggest misconceptions about technology and how would you debunk it? 

People are afraid of technology replacing their jobs, when the truth is that technology is making our jobs (and our lives) more meaningful. No one likes waiting on hold for customer support, and no one likes reading through long documents to get an answer. I truly believe that people today would rather solve their own issues at their convenience, but that's only possible if their self-serve options are genuinely helpful, fast, and pleasant to interact with. 

Ada is making that possible, while simultaneously freeing up human support to handle more complex questions where their intervention is required, or respond to folks who would rather talk to a human right away in a quick and conversational manner. It's a win for everyone.

Which women inspire you the most? 

I am inspired by Eva Lau, a founding partner of Two Small Fish Ventures. She is a powerhouse leader who is courageous, accomplished, opinionated, and passionate about the work she is doing.

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