There is a lot of noise and confusion in the AI/CX/chatbot space. It’s a fast-moving, congested, ever-changing market, and the leaders understand the importance of innovation, at all levels of the business. Which is why, at Ada, we’ve been hard at work reimagining our brand—our story, our value and our visual identity. And I am extremely excited to share that today.  

Since Ada was founded, we’ve always focused on the value our technology delivers to brands. We’ve worked hard to empower brands to talk to their customers across digital channels, at all touchpoints and in an authentic and meaningful way… at scale.

And we’re proud to say we’ve done that for some of the fastest growing, most innovative brands across the globe.

One of the most gratifying parts of my job, as a marketing leader at Ada, has been watching our clients lean into our technology to establish themselves as market leaders. Brands like Square, Zoom and Mailchimp have used Ada to talk more with their customers, to understand their needs and interests, and to make good on their brand promise—and especially so during one of the most challenging times in modern history. 

Their stories have informed our story. Which I’m excited to unveil in this blog post.

You can’t overestimate the power of experiences. They can win customers for life, or lose them forever.

But making every experience excellent has never been harder. When customers reach out, things fall apart. They’re forced to wait on hold. They get mixed messages. They have to repeat themselves, and often start over with every interaction.

They shout – “Hey! Brand! Can you help me?!”

And when brands don’t answer, all of their good intentions, investments, and promises are undone—in an instant. 

Brand interactions are broken, and they’re killing the customer experience. 

No more. It’s time to put your best brand forward. It’s time for a new approach. 

It’s time for Ada. 

Ada is the interaction layer that bridges the divide between brands and customers, allowing brands to be available, consistent, and helpful, across digital channels and at scale—all the time, and every time.

With Ada, no matter where or how customers interact, they always feel like they’re talking directly to your brand. And on the flip side, by interacting more, brands gain an intimate understanding of what customers want. 

Inspire trust and build relationships. Live up to your brand promise—and lift your other brand investments higher. Now, whenever and wherever stakeholders interact with you, your brand answers back and makes the experience meaningful.

And isn’t that ultimately what brands want?

July 22, 2021

Our identity, reimagined

Let’s *talk* about our new brand. (See what we did there?) 

On the right side, the various colours, textures, and shapes represent brands in all their dynamic, complex, and interconnected glory. Every brand is more than the sum of its parts, but every part—every interaction, investment, and moment—counts. We understand this like no one else, and that’s what this visual conveys. 

On the left side are customers, employees, and all the people who care about your brand; who are hungry to connect, to learn more and take some sort of action. Between these two worlds—Ada is bridging the divide, bringing brands closer to the people who love them. 

It’s a more sophisticated look for a mature, experienced market leader. Slick. Premium. And standout, just like Ada. 

Let’s bridge the divide, together

In an increasingly crowded, noisy landscape, we want to tell our story in a way that’s meaningful and memorable. We want the Ada brand to be different, just like our brand interaction platform is different. Bolder. Brighter. Better. 

These aren’t just words—this is a reframing of the market opportunity. After all, do customers really want an experience? We think what they actually want is for brands to deliver against their promise. Figuring out how to do that well will distinguish the great brands from the pack.

Welcome to the new Ada: Now Brands Talk.