Unify Marketing and Sales: Introducing Smart-keting with Salesforce

 No matter which industry you’re in, sales and marketing are your bread and butter—not only do they keep your operation afloat, they go together, too. But when your organization lacks alignment between the two, inefficiencies can slow down your pipeline, drive up costs, and cost you leads. And that eats into, well, your bread and butter.

Now you can bring the same smart automation and conversational AI you’ve been using for customer service and support to your sales and marketing activities, with Ada Engage. Unify your efforts and turn your agents into smart-keting superheroes. With intelligent automation and conversational AI supporting both sides of the coin, you can give prospects a seamless, personal experience from their very first interaction all the way through purchase, renewal, upgrades, and beyond.

Ada’s intelligent automation platform integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to up-level your sales and marketing game by working alongside your agents at every step. Save your reps time and effort, stop the seat-swiveling, and accelerate your pipeline. Here’s how you can drive efficiency, speed, and success.

Routing that’s automatic and accurate

The right smart automation tool can triage requests and flag inquiries based on things like sensitivity level, area of interest, geographic location, business vertical, and language, routing the high-value or time-sensitive cases directly to the best agent for their needs. Handing off a hot lead at the right time lets your rep act immediately—increasing the likelihood of conversion and accelerating deal cycles.

Plus, it saves prospects from the frustration that comes with having to repeat themselves, feeling misunderstood, or being bounced around to multiple agents. These poor customer experiences often end with them giving up—which costs you a sale. By routing more intelligently, you can streamline your processes and turbocharge pipeline efficiency.

Leads that work harder

Creating and qualifying leads is a key step towards closing deals, but it’s also time-consuming—and if your agents are focused on the wrong prospects, that’s costing you even more. Ada Engage integrates with Salesforce to do the work for them. Start by using intelligent automation to gather information from prospects and then feed that data directly into Salesforce to create, update, and look up lead details automatically. This makes it easy to keep your customer profiles current, and gives sales teams insight to personalize conversations when prospects are routed to them. Make interactions more impactful and help your team turn more conversations into conversions.  

Conversational AI also makes the process of collecting that information more fun—because no one likes filling out forms. In fact, form fills are a serious deterrent—81% of users abandon a form after beginning to fill it out, and 67% of site visitors will abandon a form forever if they encounter any difficulties in the process.

Say good-bye to annoying forms that cost you leads:

  • 81% of users abandon a form after beginning to fill it out
  • 67% of site visitors will abandon a form forever if they encounter any difficulties in the process

An AI-powered chatbot can collect the same information—if not more—through an interaction that feels personal and natural, making the customer more likely to stick around and complete the process. By training your bot to ask the right questions, you can also teach it to qualify leads and ensure they meet your ideal customer profile (ICP) requirements. Setting custom rules for how and when leads are qualified allows you to score and qualify more leads in less time.

Taking the time-intensive manual tasks out of the equation accelerates the lead capture process—and the time to close. Plus, it frees up your sales and marketing teams to focus on the high-value, high-intent interactions that they’re trained for, and where their time is better spent.

Making the most of every seat

When sales and marketing are integrated into a single system, your reps become double agents. And that means you can get twice the work done, without doubling your seats. With the help of a smart chatbot and Salesforce doing the heavy lifting, agents can focus on connecting with your best leads and closing more deals, faster. And every conversation adds important profile context they can use to increase future value—from reminders and renewals to cross-sales and up-sells.

Automation and conversational AI can help you attract, qualify, and warm up leads, and then route high-value prospects to the right place for a final, efficient touch from reps to seal the deal. An intelligent platform like Ada can also learn to separate marketing and sales inquiries from service requests, saving time and frustration on both sides. Drive efficiency, minimize frustration, and route every inquiry and visitor to the right place the first time. That’s why we call it smart-keting.


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To find out how you can gain a competitive edge and extend the value of your seat-based tools, check out Ada Engage. If you’re ready to see Ada in action, schedule a demo today

Lynn Pine
Lynn Pine

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