Ada’s Q1 Update: New Features to Accelerate Value, Scale Globally, and Easily Manage Content

In the always-on digital era, flashy logos and catchy commercials are no longer the backbone of your brand. People around the world can engage with you around the clock, and each exchange shapes their perception. Your brand is a living, breathing thing that’s embodied by every interaction you have with the people you care about — your customers and employees. 

Adding value to each moment means always showing up and making it simple for people to get what they need with minimal effort. In a world where expectations have skyrocketed, labor and resources are scarce, and tools and data are siloed, automation is the only way to keep pace as your brand grows. A strong, best-in-class Automated Brand Interaction (ABI) strategy requires a single automation layer deployed across the enterprise. It’s the only way to scale. 

Closing the brand interaction gap is not only the key to providing a truly VIP experience to everyone your business cares about, it’s an industry-defining path to unifying automation across your organization. Ada’s ABI platform is leading the charge, and the big dogs are taking notice. Did we mention we recently placed second on G2’s list of the Best Software for AI & Analytics in 2022? We are loving the view from up here.

Brands can now launch enterprise-ready, personalized automation at scale no matter where customers or employees are, at any moment they choose to interact. To top it off, we’re adding new innovations and product features to power more valuable brand interactions across channels, touchpoints, and departments. 

It’s all about getting things done more easily and more efficiently for your customers, your agents, and your employees. Time to roll out the red carpet.

Train your conversational AI more precisely with Training Suggestions

Ada Training Suggestions

The quality of your automated brand interactions relies on how well your conversational AI model performs, which starts with training. Why spend time trying to predict every way a customer might answer a question when Ada can do the work for you? Our new Training Suggestions feature helps companies reduce manual training effort by automatically suggesting ways to improve bot performance and enhance Answer quality. 

Now you can continually fine tune your conversational AI and improve outcomes, making brand interactions more satisfying and rewarding. For companies that are already using Ada, this makes continuous improvement easier than ever before. And for businesses that are just getting their ABI strategy off the ground, it significantly reduces onboarding time. Start reaping the benefits of better bot performance faster while also reducing resource requirements. Plus, it’s a great way to launch more quickly if you have limited customer inquiry data to work with. Take advantage of Ada’s insights to improve recognition and containment rates right out of the gate for a better brand experience. 

Setting up training suggestions in the Ada dashboard

Cover your bases with Smart Search

Make the most of your Salesforce content

Amplify ROI by extending the value of your existing content. We’re upgrading our Smart Search feature, which connects Ada to your knowledge base to pull existing articles into a seamless chat experience, by adding a Salesforce integration. When a customer asks a question that’s not in your Ada database, Ada automatically searches the knowledge base and surfaces relevant articles right within the chat window. The result? Increased containment, easy content optimization, and faster time to value.

Ada Smart Search with Salesforce integration

Making sure every answer is covered helps free up your agents to focus on high-value inquiries. And article performance analytics provide valuable feedback to pinpoint trends and content gaps that will help you to continually improve brand interactions and self-service containment. 

Trust us, your c-suite is going to love the term “data-driven optimization.” Extend the value of the content you already have while continuing to build out your Ada content, saving time, resources, and effort. 

Respond like a local with multilingual Smart Search

If you’ve been following closely enough, you’ll know that by using Ada businesses can build their brand interactions in one language and deploy in over 100. And now, we’ve brought these multilingual capabilities to Smart Search. We’re operating in a global economy, so it’s time to say adios to language barriers. 

Multilingual Smart Search

That’s right — now customers can search for answers in their local language. Ada will automatically detect, respond, and present relevant knowledge base content in the same language for an even easier, more satisfying experience, wherever your customers are. Go forth and conquer new markets.

A better building experience with improved content organization 

Folder management in the Ada dashboard

Your users are going to be excited about this one. Our enhanced content organization feature adds a simplified folder management system to the Ada dashboard. No more scrolling or searching for whatever you’re looking for — now your bot builders can find what they need quickly and easily by categorizing it into folders, just like you do on your laptop.

Make retrieving, editing, and maintaining content easier so you can get more done in less time. Onboard new managers more quickly and keep everyone on the same page with real-time updates. Let multiple teams categorize and store content separately while collaborating easily using one dashboard. We believe in the power of simplicity.

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Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox

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