Ada’s November Update: New Features to Scale, Drive Revenue, and Optimize Your Interactions

No matter where or how customers interact, they always feel like they’re talking directly to your brand. But unfortunately, many brands are offering fragmented customer experiences; when customers reach out, things fall apart. They’re forced to wait on hold. They get mixed messages. They have to repeat themselves, and often start over with every interaction. And this, my friends, is killing the customer experience.

It’s time for a new approach — for you to put your best brand forward and offer the people that want to connect with you always available, consistent, and helpful CX across all digital channels. 

It’s time for you to scale your brand interactions to meet the needs of every customer, wherever they are, at any and every point along the customer journey.

It’s time for Ada.

We’ve proudly launched this reimagined brand story and identity to our customers, and you better believe we’ve put in the work to back it up. Our latest features and product improvements fit perfectly into three overarching goals brands need to meet to keep their CX on the pulse. Let’s take a look. 

1. Scaling brand interactions across the customer journey

Make it simple for your brand to connect in the language and channels they prefer

Like we said, every interaction between a brand and their customers counts. If your interactions aren’t living up to your brand promise — delivering inconsistent messaging, ineffective communication methods, and unavailability when your customers want to reach you — you will erode their trust, decrease the lifetime value of your product or service, and cause customer churn.

Knowing this, providing always on and always consistent interactions is the clear path forward. But to take your automation-first CX strategy to new heightsand new revenue opportunitiesbrands need CX that can scale across social channels and support multilingual interactions with ease. We’re making this possible. 

Language-agnostic Natural Language Understanding (beta)

As your brand grows, so should your automation-first CX strategy. Ada’s industry-leading NLU is now better than ever, enhanced with a language-agnostic model that allows brands to expand their reach beyond borders. With improved multilingual understanding and intent recognition, the ability to provide world-class CX to customers around the globe is easier than ever. 

It’s this simple: build in one language and deploy in over 100 others. And now, CX teams also have the flexibility to directly train in local languages and add brand-specific translations or common utterances to improve performance, boost recognition rates, increase containment, and provide a better overall experience — ensuring that every customer is getting the answer they need, when they need it. 

How this changes the game for brands: give every customer — far and wide — access to your brand, and your customer lifetime value (CLTV) will improve. Painlessly access interaction insights and customer data in one integrated platform to make data-driven optimization. Watch your CX soar, and reap the revenue rewards. 

Right-to-Left (RTL) languages

To widen your CX net, you need technology that can support language-specific variations. 


Not only does Ada’s multilingual approach allow customers to move seamlessly from one language to another, but brands can now serve customers in RTL Languages, like Arabic and Hebrew. This is an important point of differentiation for brands looking to expand and scale their international presence and drive revenue in new markets.

Brands can launch conversational AI in RTL languages in just a few clicks, and customers can start interacting across any device and channel. 

Social channels — SMS and Instagram DM (beta)

With more and more customers “sliding into your DMs”, a CX strategy depends on a brand’s ability to keep the conversation going and meet their customers where they are. Ada powers omnichannel growth that increases customer engagement, retention, and CLTV by ensuring brands never miss an opportunity to talk to their customers.

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Brands can build their conversational AI once and deploy across Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and our latest integrations: Instagram Direct Messaging (beta) and SMS. And when an interaction requires a human touch, customers can be passed off to a live agent seamlessly, within the same chat interface, with conversational context provided to the live agent to increase the speed and efficiency of a resolution. 

Smart Search

Smart Search connects Ada to your Zendesk knowledge base so you can leverage the great content you’ve already invested in. Every customer query has an answer — whether it’s built in Ada yet or not. Your customers get a seamless experience directly in the chat, and you’ll see faster time to value, higher containment, and the analytics you need to optimize your content strategy.

With Smart Search, brands gain insights into what, when, and how often resources are being used, and can use this data to make informed decisions that boost containment rates.

Smart Search GIF

2. Automating the revenue funnel

Increase your brand’s customer lifetime value (CLTV) and funnel velocity through proactive engagement and data-driven optimization

When messaging is informed, personalized, and proactive, engagement improves. Conversion rates are lifted. Customers are satisfied and your business boosts its bottom line. And when conversational marketing sits in the same tool as your conversational CX, the insights and results are amplified, and you can create engaging brand interactions that convert.

With Ada Engage, brands can offer personalized interactions at every touchpoint, enhance customer profiles, and equip sales and marketing teams with the context they need to do what they do best — sell. Improvements to Ada Engage are moving the needle even further. 

Proactive SMS

Proactive customer engagement is a powerful tool to increase the number of conversations you have with your customers. And as we now know, more interactions = more revenue for your brand.

Providing personalized experiences to each and every customer is how modern brands are quickly pushing prospects through to the next step — increasing funnel velocity, successful checkouts, and CLTV.  

Proactive SMS

Not only has Ada helped brands move CX strategies from reactive to anticipatory with web-based Proactive Campaigns, but brands can now use conversational AI to reach out to customers proactively via SMS to increase engagement, encourage action, and boost conversion.

A/B testing

When making decisions about the efficacy of your CX, it can be hard to know which approach will result in better brand interactions for your customers. Without actionable insights and an easy way to experiment, the recipe for optimizing your bot becomes one-part research, one-part guesswork, and a whole lot of let’s-hope-this-works.

We prefer a more gourmet approach to CX — and we’re certain you do too.

A/B Testing enables you to run experiments, optimize quickly, and improve performance with agility. You can easily create multiple versions of Proactive Campaigns or reactive answer flows, show the variants to different segments of customers at the same time, and then measure and compare performance. 

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By making more confident, data-backed decisions, you can improve conversion and exponentially impact the metrics that matter most.

3. More customer insights = more revenue opportunities

Improve your CX with access to a suite of machine learning insights

Brands need a birds-eye, 360° view of their customers; every past action and interaction with your brand is an opportunity to strengthen CX and deepen customer relationships. 

Ada now makes it easier than ever to better understand customer interactions, surface content gaps, and identify CX opportunities across the customer journey. And the best part is: all of this is configurable with the same no-code, drag-and-drop system that you’ve come to know and love, empowering your non-technical CX teams to collect the data they need.

Conversation Topics

Conversation Topics gives brands a holistic understanding of customer trends, specific to your product, service, or overall offering.

Convo Topics

Brands can now track the key topics that matter most to their customers. This insight can inform your CX strategy, help you optimize future interactions, and make data-driven decisions that enhance the experience each customer has with your brand. 

Training Suggestions

Get your automation strategy off the ground faster, increase the quality of your trained conversational AI, and decrease the time it takes to maintain it. AI-powered Training Suggestions help you uncover more ways to train your bot by automatically providing suggestions that predict every way a customer may interact with your brand.

Using Training Suggestions, brands can increase interaction recognition, containment, and CLTV, as well as reduce time and effort spent on behalf of the CX teams.

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