New Redaction Feature Protects Customer Information

We’ve always supported our clients in maintaining the privacy and security of customer information. That’s why we’ve introduced a new chatbot feature, Redaction, which adds an additional layer of protection.

With Redaction, credit card information will not be visible or stored within our conversational AI. In compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), anytime a customer shares credit card information in conversation with an Ada AI software, the digits will be immediately scrubbed-out in the chat, dashboard and back-end.


Credit card information is redacted in the chat interface



Credit card information is redacted in the Conversations view of the dashboard

Redaction of credit cards is non-configurable, and is mandatory for all shopping bots. However, we may configure Redaction to scrub out phone numbers, email address, SINs and SSNs, upon request. If you need any of this information redacted in your AI chatbot, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

There are no additional steps for you to take, and we will roll out Redaction to all bots on August 1, 2018.

We will inform you of additional features and rollouts taking place as we strive for PCI DSS compliance.

Note: Redaction is different from the Filters in your Settings view. Read more about Filters vs Redaction here.

If you have any questions regarding Redaction and PCI DSS compliance, feel free to email Together we can continue to provide a secure and reliable customer service experience.

Perri Chaikof
Perri Chaikof

Perri Chaikof is the Director of Customer Marketing at Ada. She was one of the first 20 employees and has grown with Ada from pre-series A to unicorn status. Perri is passionate about connecting with real people and sharing stories of brands making every customer feel like a VIP.

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