Machine Learning Experts Gather to Discuss the Future of NLP

Ada may be all about automating the customer experience, but we are also leaders in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

On August 1st, we hosted a thought leadership event about “AI for Execs: The Future of NLP and What it Means for Your Business.” Our very own Gordon Gibson, Machine Learning Lead and George Davis, PhD and Co-Founder of, led the discussion and explored the transformative impact on the future of CX when it comes to AI, NLP and ML.

Participants from industry leading organizations like CIBC, Amazon, Deloitte and PayPal, were able to exchange best practices with their peers, while enjoying good food and great drinks in a fun and casual environment.

“It’s important for us to get in front of customers and industry leaders to understand the challenges they are experiencing driving automation and efficiency into their CX organization,” said Mike Murchison, CEO, Ada. “We can only evolve to meet the demands of the market if we are having meaningful conversations with the right people. This event allowed us to do just that, in a fun and informal way.”

To learn more about events and webinars that we have planned in the coming year, contact us today.


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