Introducing Our Latest Partnership: Power Up Your Kustomer Tech Stack with Ada

At Ada, we want to make it as easy as possible for brands to speak to their customers. This means offering the best-in-class CX solution for fast-growing B2C brands that want to deliver valuable, hyper-personalized experiences at scale. 

But creating the ultimate brand interaction platform is one thing — making it easy for brands to integrate it into their existing CX strategy is another. We’ve been hard at work making Ada at home in the most popular CRMs and CXMs, and we’re excited to announce our newest partnership with Kustomer.

Here’s the summary:

    • Ada’s codeless, out-of-the-box integrations with Kustomer and other software in your tech stack allows you to leverage data from all sources to create smooth, frictionless, hyper-personalized brand interactions at any scale.
    • Ada and Kustomer’s self-serve platforms with intuitive, no-code interfaces enable non-technical CX teams to build and deploy an advanced AI chatbot solution in less than 30 days. 

Now for the how and why…

Empathy is at the core of Ada, and it’s likewise at the core of this partnership. While many brands are trying to deflect tickets, or speak less to customers, Ada’s industry-leading AI/NLP technology combined with Kustomer’s new kind of CRM enables fast-growing B2C brands to put their customers first, grow personalized interactions at scale, and do that without breaking the bank on agent headcount and IT resources.

Take a look at how Ada and Kustomer integrations can help you level up your CX.

Seamless live chat hand-off with Ada Glass for Kustomer

Ada Glass for Kustomer offers customers a unified and uninterrupted conversational experience, no matter if they are chatting with Ada’s chatbot or live agents, and keeps it simple and easy for agents to gather all context they need to continue the conversation — increasing speed to resolution.

When high-priority customers need to be immediately escalated to a human, Ada can match the right customers with the right agents in Kustomer through intelligent routing. The customers are seamlessly handed-off within the same chat window (either on the website or via social channels), while the agents can work within the Kustomer UI. 

A full transcript of the interaction is passed to the agent's workspace in Kustomer, as well as any attributes associated with the customer that have been collected as part of the interaction with Ada till the point of handoff.

Email hand-off for low-priority interactions

You can set rules to help the Ada bot decide which interactions to prioritize, and as a result, if it should hand off to live chat or email. By routing non-urgent interactions to email hand-off, agents can be more efficient, use their time wisely, and focus on the most urgent interactions, and the most valuable customers.

Much like with live hand-off, agents will have access to the full interaction context and customer information, so that they can pick up the conversation and resolve it as quickly as possible.

Leverage existing content with Knowledge Base Fallback

Make intelligent use of your existing content to create more helpful brand interactions and boost time to value. Ada’s no-code integration with your Kustomer knowledge base can be set up as a graceful fallback when a question falls outside of the bot’s training. 

Using the keyword search approach, it provides customers with a list of the most relevant articles. This reduces customer effort in searching content and information — speeding self-help resolution time — and saves huge costs and resources by leveraging existing content.

KB Fallback also improves the bot’s containment rate, reserving agents for high-touch, long-term customer relationships that strengthen loyalty, increase lifetime value, and boost revenue.

Up-to-date customer information management 

The Ada bot integrates into the Kustomer CRM to automatically create, update, or delete customer information data in a single, unified view. Agents no longer have to do those tasks manually, focusing instead on what matters: helping customers. 

And with access to the most up-to-date customer information, they can do that with full context, personalizing interactions based on the customer’s history with the brand, and speeding up resolution times.

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Lynn Pine
Lynn Pine

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