Ada Open House—Engineering Managers Edition
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Ada Open House—Engineering Managers Edition

October 1, 2021 by Team Ada

Ada Open House is a two-day virtual event dedicated to final interviews that will be held on October 27th and October 28th, 2021.

As our tech team continues to grow in a 100% digital-first, remote setting, we want to make sure interviewees get a sense of our incredible company culture and learn more about Ada.

Ada Open House is a unique interview experience where you can connect with several members of our tech organization in one day. This includes peers and reports you’ll be working closely with, members of our leadership team, and for an additional perspective, our product team.

This day focuses on the final interviews of the Ada recruitment process. Your final interview round will be a total of 3 hours in length, separated into 3 one-hour interviews. 

To wrap up your interviews, senior members of our Engineering department will be hosting a luncheon presentation, sharing the future of our tech team and the exciting projects ahead. You’ll have the opportunity to better understand our goals, ask the team any questions you have, and enjoy lunch (on us)!

Are you interested in participating in Ada's October Open House? Please review the job postings below and apply directly if you are interested! 


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