Introducing Ada Hack Week

September 26, 2018 by Leigh Lepage

This week we’re hosting the first-ever Ada Hack Week -- a week for our development team to tackle new and creative projects.

This week allows our developers to further stretch their creative muscles, and be inspired by what’s possible in a short period of time. While still available for our clients, the team is primarily focused on coming together to build and present a project demo in just 5 days.

One example of a project includes adding emotional intelligence to Ada to recognize the emotional state of our customers. Another idea is introducing a “1-800-ADA” phone number that would bring Ada’s powerful AI-powered platform into the voice domain.

Now that we’re mid-way through the inaugural Ada Hack Week, our developers are working hard towards Friday demos, with awesome prizes included. We’re excited to see where creativity can lead, and how each project will benefit our clients and their customers.

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