Integrate Social Channels: Delivering Personalized CX at Scale

Your customers will do whatever it takes to get their desired outcome from your company, from making phone calls to sending emails to tagging your business on Twitter. The typical customer experience is changing and customers want to find answers to their questions on platforms where they are most comfortable communicating. Ada allows you to have productive conversations with customers through our new social channel integrations

In a post-pandemic landscape, digital customer interactions will increase by 40% and mobile users now spend five times longer in messaging apps than in voice calls. Nowadays, platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter aren’t just social platforms, they are ideal avenues for scaling personalized CX.

Why did we build social channel integrations?

Businesses don’t need to reduce customer conversations, businesses need to increase dynamic conversations with their customers to improve engagement, support loyalty and generate more revenue. 

Customers from every generation are spending more time on social media, including 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X and 48.2% of Baby Boomers. Businesses should embrace this opportunity to meet customer expectations by communicating across social media platforms. Conversational, automated AI is the only way to scale the customer support live chat experience while prioritizing consistency across channels.

Employing conversational, automated AI across social channels is one of the most cost-efficient ways to deliver consistent customer service at scale. Despite this fact, many companies continue to rely on an agent-first customer service strategy to reach their customers. This outdated strategy results in more than 30% of customers using two or more agents to support their journey and producing a frustrating, inconsistent customer experience. 

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How does it work?

Ada’s sophisticated chatbot technology paired with social channel integrations allows you to reach your customers where they are, in platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, and Line.

With Ada’s social channel integrations you can build the back-end process once and scale consistent CX across social channels repeatedly. Ada’s social integration allows you to formulate custom messages that reflect your brand’s tone of voice, ask common questions and create a conversational flow that either resolves outcomes quickly or connects the customer to a live agent at the right time. 

Smart technology makes providing the full customer experience easy for everyone. Ada’s social channel integrations process is simple. 

  1. You build custom answers and flows once and deploy across all platforms
  2. Customers engage with your brand on the platform of their choice 
  3. Ada’s chatbot uses account-specific information to offer personalized CX while maintaining the ability to escalate to the right live agent, if necessary 

How can we measure success?

The primary ways to measure success are through customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Ada’s social integrations allow you to accomplish both. Businesses that implemented social integration saw a 186% increase in annual customer satisfaction and a 25% increase in annual revenue generation.

Global social channel penetration continues to increase and customers perceive this time as productive. In a recent study, the majority of respondents stated that social media had increased their access to information, ease of communication and freedom of expression.

Implementing conversational AI reduces the effort a customer expends searching for answers to their inquiries. In many cases, an automated live chat helps solve customer inquiries before they need to be passed to a human helper, saving your customers and your customer service agents time. You can measure the impact of Ada’s mobile-optimized social channel integrations through a cost-saving analysis and a change in composite customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

Using an automation-first social media integration tool eliminates long wait times and complicated customer service experiences so that you can see measurable success. social channel integrations help you:

  • Increase customer satisfaction score
  • Enhance customer retention, lifetime value and loyalty 
  • Boost annual revenue
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Support organizational digital transformation

Get started with Ada for Social Channels

Ada for Social Channels is available now. Reach your customers on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, Line and SunCo Web Messenger. 

To learn more about scaling personalized CX across social channels, download our Social Channel’s one-pager below.

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