How to use conversational AI to handle unpredictable support inquiries

The following is an excerpt of our article on agent-first cx and conversational AI. 

The nature of engagement is changing - fast. In April 2020, Microsoft CEO Sayta Nadella said they have seen Microsoft customers pursue two years' worth of digital transformation in just two months. In financial services, noted bank analyst Mike Mayo of Wells Fargo has said they have seen five years of digital transformation in this short period of time. Businesses are adapting rapidly, and so are consumers of all ages. 

The fact is, positive customer engagement no longer requires a human touch, but it does still require a personal touch. What’s the difference? A positive engagement gets the answer quickly and intuitively. The brand respects the customer’s time and their business by using technology to respond to inquiries and resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner. Speed and efficiency have become table stakes for positive customer experiences. Receiving slow or inefficient support for basic questions is a significant pain point for customers, leaving them unsatisfied even when they do make a human connection.

An automation-first strategy underpinned with conversational AI is the solution you need to meet the immediate needs of anxious customers. 

By using AI to generate more conversations, conversational AI lets you solve 80% of customer inquiries quickly and  with high customer satisfaction. In fact, letting customers self-serve is one of the customers' most common requests, and typically leads to higher CSAT scores. Ada’s conversational AI chatbot delivers content that customers relate to, creating a natural and empathic experience in a digital channel. 

Ada’s conversational AI  enhances customers' experiences by predicting their needs and interests, then automating responses so customers can resolve inquiries without agent intervention. Ada's Predictive Suggestions surface relevant answers throughout the chat flow, delighting customers by eliminating the frustration of "do not understand" responses and instead offering up the next-best answer.

What if you could combine benefits of AI with the know-how of your customer service team? That is the future of CX. Automation first, backed by your most valuable resource - your live agents. 

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