How retail and eCommerce can maintain CSAT as online sales spike

It's no surprise the retail and eCommerce companies are looking for creative solutions to stay resilient and maintain CSAT.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, online sales surged, as many stores closed and consumers turned to online retail options to get what they needed. This meant that many retailers had to begin exploring or quickly scale up existing eCommerce channels, ensuring they had the means to quickly fulfill customer orders. Along with the increased online orders came increased customer service inquiries – everything from pre-purchase questions to post-purchase “Where Is My Order” (WISMO) calls. 

The “new normal” for customer service teams in eCommerce is that every day they are dealing with Black Friday levels of customer inquiries, according to data from more than 1.6 million customer conversations tracked by Ada. Customer conversations exploded as high as 43% above Black Friday volume, and have maintained Black Friday levels of activity through early July.

Ada's Head of Marketing, Ruth Zive, joined Convey to share tips for retail and eCommerce companies looking to adjust to the post-pandemic era and succeed in the upcoming holiday rush.

In the interview, Ruth discussed:

  1. How retail support operations will change as a result of COVID
  2. Keys to creating a consistent last-mile experience
  3. What retailers should do to prepare for an eventual reopening

Check it out here.

For more cost-effective tips, check out Ada's ROI calculator. See what your organization could be saving if you added automation to your arsenal.


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