Times are changing. People no longer wait for customer service. Almost 3/4 of customers expect to solve a product or service issue on their own, instantly. That’s why we’ve recently launched “Intros” - a platform feature that enables our clients to automate proactive chat, letting customers know a self-service solution is ready to help.

With a range of customizable messages and emoji, a unique Intro can be set for each website page. Is someone visiting your homepage? Looking at a specific product? Searching through FAQs? Intros allow our clients to engage visitors with content tailored to a customer’s own behaviour in their language of choice.

By providing options for when an Intro appears and how long it remains visible, customer service teams can determine the right balance, creating interactions that are helpful rather than distracting.

Today, more than half of customers claim they would stop doing business with a company after a single negative experience. It’s never been more important to provide instant, effortless, and intelligent customer service - both proactively and reactively.

Reach out to request a demo and learn more about how Intros can benefit your business.

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