Announcing Ada's $44M Series B, Led by Accel

Today is a big day. Ada announced a $44M Series B round of funding, led by Accel.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement, and grateful to be well capitalized at a time when the world is desperate for solutions that will allow them to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, without compromising their relationships with customers.

An automation-first strategy will be critical in the weeks and months ahead. And Ada is better positioned than ever before to bring ACX to the world.

This fundraise is especially more meaningful having watched our clients lean hard into Ada's platform as their customer support volumes have skyrocketed  in recent days. 
We have seen 5x the volume of engaged conversations being automated with Ada, and it is gratifying to know we are getting people the information they need, in real time, with a sense of urgency and care.
So while we respect that this is a challenging time, with lots of uncertainty and unanswered questions, we invite you to share in our good news. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions. 
Read the press release about Ada's Series B raise here.

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