Ada’s AI outperforms the competition by 14%

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: automated customer service has become inevitable.

What hasn’t become inevitable, however, is the accuracy of every AI-powered chatbot.

With hundreds of chatbots available today, customer service leaders are forced to navigate the different results promised by each. While the majority of platforms offer a solution to deflect customer inquiries with various features, the strength of the chatbot should, at its core, be its machine learning abilities.

With almost 1 in 7 customers abandoning a business after only one negative experience, organizations can no longer invest in just any AI solution (Forrester).

Getting to know the competition

At Ada, we’ve designed our AI-powered platform with industry-leading machine learning capabilities that have proven to outperform some of the best-known vendors. In fact, we recently facilitated a benchmarking exercise to ensure the strength of our AI keeps us top of the bots. To complete this competitive analysis, we identified popular platforms, including IBM and Google, and measured the accuracy and predictive capabilities of each:

  • Is their chatbot able to understand the customer instantly?
  • To what degree can the AI interpret long sentences or jargon?
  • Is the chatbot enhancing or hindering the customer experience?

Ada takes the top

After in-depth testing and analysis, we’re proud to share that Ada’s NLP took top marks.

Across measures of both accuracy and predictability, Ada was proven to outperform several of the most well-known vendors on the market, on average by 14%.

The results reinforce our dedication to providing clients with high-quality, personalized experiences that build customer confidence, trust, and loyalty. Just as organizations have come to depend on live agents to provide reliable support, we believe the same should be expected of AI-powered engagement.

High-quality AI for high-quality returns

As chatbots evolve to handle more than 85% of all customer engagements by 2020, Gartner expects that more than 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations. This means, the quality of customer engagement through AI will become paramount to what differentiates an organization’s service. Reach out to learn more about our benchmarking analysis, and how Ada’s natural language processing capabilities can benefit your business.

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