BCR CX provides innovative solutions to the customer relationship throughout the customer journey. BCR CX’s main objective is to bring a productive strategy to companies that are seeking customer lifetime value.

Ada has teamed up with BCR CX to bring an intuitive, no-code solution to CX teams that are looking to build and deploy conversational AI in less than 30 days. Ada and BCR CX will work together to apply an automation-first approach to joint customers to enable personalized customer experiences at scale. 

Ada’s brand interactions platform helps fast-growing brands have more (and more valuable) conversations with their customers. Using Ada’s automation-first approach to CX, brands can create personalized interactions at scale, and reserve their human agents for more high-value interactions and strengthening customer relationships. 

Together, aligning similar core values like simplicity and authenticity, Ada and BCR CX ensure a productive and agile approach brands can depend on. 

Look no further, your CX experts are here.

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