Welcome to a new era: Ada Engage is here to revolutionize customer experience

Welcome to a new era: Ada Engage is here to revolutionize customer experience

April 5, 2021 by Team Ada

We’re giving you the power to create personalized customer experiences—and not just for support. Now you can bring Ada’s conversational AI to marketing and sales, too.

It’s a big day at Ada. Huge, in fact, because today we’re launching Ada Engage, a game-changing collection of new features, apps, and integrations that make marketing and customer engagement effortless—even as you scale. What made us decide to extend our market-leading automated customer experience (ACX) to help organizations win more customers with less effort? Well, you did. We’ve been inspired by our own clients, many of whom took our purpose-built support platform and uncovered new use cases for their sales and marketing teams, adding value across the entire customer lifecycle. Ada’s no-code, proactive personalization was just too good not to share.

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Ada Engage is exactly what you asked for

Marketers and sales reps face a whole host of trials and challenges. Here at Ada, we understand not only what you’re dealing with, but how to make it better. The reactive, one size fits all approach to marketing leaves customers feeling like you don’t understand them or their needs. Siloed CX data puts departmental needs ahead of customer needs. And in today’s world, that’s simply not good enough.

What marketing and sales teams need is a way to make customer experiences both personal and relatable. You need to continually capture new leads by creating meaningful connections that start to build loyalty from day zero. And you need to do this at scale, without growing your costs or effort, so you can keep your CX teams laser-focused on what matters most—creating exceptional customer experiences.

In 2020 alone, Ada automated over 1.5B customer interactions for hundreds of category leaders across the globe, including Zoom, Facebook, and Square. Now, we’re extending that expertise and the results we’ve delivered for customer support teams across the full customer experience.

If you're not automation-first, you're not paying attention

The way brands and customers engage has changed forever, and digital-first companies are leading the way in breaking down the traditional CX silos that prevent you from putting customers first. Ada has always championed an automation-first approach, because we understand the unique value your human agents bring to the table and where their energy is best focused: handling complex issues and closing deals. To arm them with everything they need to shine and ensure automated interactions are personalized and effective, you need to connect the CX dots across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Purchase Lifecycle

But building a unified CX poses its own challenges. For B2B companies, this looks like growing costs to acquire customers, maintaining a steady pipeline and deal velocity, and trying to build personal relationships in impersonal online environments. For companies selling direct-to-consumer, it may be increasing cart conversion and customer lifetime value, preventing returns and cart abandonment, and promoting loyalty. Regardless of the audience, with limited headcount, implementing proactive, personalized CX is extremely costly and high-effort.

85% of customers are interested in receiving proactive notifications from companies. That means they’re craving more interaction. And Ada Engage is built to deliver.

That’s why we’re making customer engagement effortless

Ada Engage brings the power of conversational automation to digital marketing and sales teams, so you can build deeper customer relationships at scale. It puts brands in the driver’s seat, equipped with everything you need to make the first move—and make a better first impression by personalizing interactions from the very beginning. When companies shift from a reactive to proactive, personalized CX strategy, campaigns hit their mark. Sales happen faster. And loyal customers are born.

With this revolutionary launch, you can now choose the best Ada solution to fit your business needs at every step of the customer journey. Transform your CX strategy from end to end and increase the value of every interaction. Break down departmental silos, put your customers first, and turn cost centers into revenue generators.

Ada Engage: Level-up marketing and sales with proactive, personalized customer engagement that increases conversion and significantly accelerates growth.

Ada Support: Turbo-charge customer support with AI-powered, personalized interactions for faster resolution, happier customers, and more impactful, empowered human support teams.

Ada CX: 1+1=3. Power the entire customer journey with an automation-first strategy. Take smarter steps to acquire new customers and nurture relationships to keep them for life.

A taste of what you get with Ada Engage

We’re not just launching a new product today, we’re launching a whole new way of doing things—and a whole host of features designed to completely transform sales and marketing. Say good-bye to lost leads, flat sales, and misdirected campaigns. Get ready to drive loyalty, activation, and revenue. Here are just a few of the new Ada Engage features built to empower your brand.

Personalized, proactive messaging

Easily connect with every website visitor using targeted, personalized messages to increase engagement and drive conversion. Target the right customers, with the right content, at the right time.

Apps built for outcomes

We understand the customer journey and we’ve created apps to guide your customers through key steps along the way. Take our Book-A-Meeting app—customers can reserve time through automated meeting scheduling, without ever leaving your bot. Accelerate sales cycles and reduce effort for both sales agents and prospects. 

Book a Meeting

Revenue-focused analytics 

Measurable business results always matter. New back-end views let teams quantify Ada’s impact on engagement, conversion, and revenue, and provide insight into how you can continually optimize your conversational experiences. Define success metrics and track the customer journey—all of which adds up to measurably more value. 

Integrate with your valuable tools

By integrating the tech stack you already use—think Clearbit, Salesforce, Marketo, or HubSpot, for example—you can offer customers more personalized experiences and save your CX team time. Automatically identify anonymous website visitors and personalize their conversations. Or generate, qualify, and route leads for faster deals and more efficient sales. 

Activate ACX from end to end

Whether you’re just starting out or an established brand looking to expand your reach, Ada Engage is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Start creating meaningful connections with new customers, strengthen the relationships you already have, and increase value across the entire customer lifecycle. We can’t wait to show you what Ada Engage can do. 

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