4 Reasons Why Automated Customer Service is Core to Your International Brand

As enterprise businesses continue to grow their online presence and expand their global customer base, more and more international online transactions are being made. In fact, last year alone, more than 1.6 billion people worldwide made online purchases.

But as companies capitalize on the benefits of e-commerce with such a major focus on expansion, many aren’t considering how to scale a support infrastructure to accommodate a new international audience. As a result, negative brand reputation and revenue loss are both increasingly potential risks.

Thankfully, the same technology principal that allows companies to sell globally can also be a potential solution to the problem of service: automation.

Automated customer service can provide a consistent level of support no matter where someone is in the world, but that’s far from the only advantage. Instead, the technology allows for multiple benefits across the entire customer journey.

1. Be there for customers in a time(zone) of their choice

By deploying on-demand automation as the first line of customer engagement across their website, app, social channels, and even call centre, companies can move past the nine-to-five live agent hours of the past, and provide their customers with support when they want it.

2. Speak every customers’ language

One of the best ways a brand can show they care is by engaging customers in their preferred language. But with the average agent speaking only one language, this level of personalization is unrealistic at the scale expected of today’s companies. An AI-powered platform like Ada, however, allows a company to build automated assistance in one language and deploy it to customers in over one hundred. Ada harnesses machine learning capabilities and seamlessly integrates with a company’s back-end, enabling a brand to proactively engage their customers in the language of their choice and continue the conversation with accurate personalization.

3. Augment human responses

With proactive, customized content, brands can now build AI-powered conversations with a deep level of human empathy that help customers feel supported and understood -- even halfway around the world.

4. Provide location-specific offerings and support

Diverse shipping requirements, prices, and even different products across locations can create layers of complicated and confusing FAQs that require both agents and customers to take time and effort to navigate what’s relevant to their market. With the ability to segment customers based on geography—including postal code and area code—an AI solution provides businesses with the opportunity to engage customers with immediate, personalized, proactive content like local sales and loyalty opportunities, and can even tailor relevant, reactive responses to their specific location.

With 60% of customers willing to leave a business after one poor experience, and more than two-thirds who are no longer prepared to wait more than 2 minutes for support, a reliance on live, monolingual service is already leaving international customers unsatisfied and online carts unpurchased.

Don’t get left behind.

As you strengthen your global brand, reach out to us to learn about how Ada can provide your non-technical team with a solution to scale your support.

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