3 Benefits of Bots Reinforced By Our Client Chats

At Ada we’re fuelled by a core value: empathy.

When it comes to building our artificial intelligence powered chatbot platform, our commitment to this value comes to life in many ways.

We’re consumers ourselves, so we don’t have to step into customers’ shoes -- we’re already in them. We leverage our own support experiences, both positive and negative, to build our chatbot conversational AI platform for real-life applications and personalized conversations.

How can we make the self-service experience better, easier, and more convenient?

As I shared in a previous post, we also take into consideration the agent experience. With a global agent attrition rate that’s only rising, we ask: how can we make the role more rewarding? We seek to overcome both the administrative and technological obstacles that stop agents from supporting customers in a manner that leaves both parties loyal and satisfied.

And yet there is another strategic way that we integrate empathy into our chatbot chatbot platform: we think about the people who are building the chatbot, the ‘humans’ behind the AI. 

How we can create a solution that is easy enough for customer support professionals to build an AI-powered chatbot with a high-degree of personalization?

But we don’t stop there. We challenge ourselves to then create a virtual customer servicetool that enables these CX professionals to build a AI software in a way that demonstrates their own empathy, creating real connections with their customers.

How do we integrate emotion and ‘humanness’ into an AI-powered experience?

Learning from our clients’ journeys

It’s one thing to have a value, it’s another put it in action. To properly empathize with our clients it was important for me to really understand why, how and when they’re using Ada to automate with authenticity and deliver results. 

That’s why I interviewed our clients, support team members dedicated to leveraging Ada’s chatbot chatbot platform to automate their customer service. While, each interview (available to watch below), reflects the uniqueness of the ‘humans behind Ada’s AI’, some common themes emerged: I’ve curated the three highlights below.

1. Accessible automation can lead to transformational change

We think of our chatbot platform like Lego: we provide the pieces and blueprints to build a chatbot and our clients take it from there. Because our automation supports multiple industries and goals, every client uses our ‘Lego pieces’ in diverse ways to solve inquiries, customize conversations, and even drive revenue.

Our CEO often says, “we provide our clients with the building blocks to build a house -- and watch as they create spaceships.”

A client that consistently discovers new ways to build with Ada is Koodo Mobile - a leading Canadian telco. Koodo leveraged Ada’s chatbot chatbot platform to facilitate an  industry-leading shift from agent-first to automation first, requiring customers to engage with “Koodo Assist” -  a 24/7 self-service digital rep, before speaking with a live agent.

Watch as two of Koodo’s Customer Support Team members discuss how they turned to Ada to drive transformational change, while providing authentic, consistent and human-centric automated customer service.

2. Non-technical teams can manage an AI-powered solutions, too

The clients I interviewed are not part of their companies’ IT teams or the development departments - they’re customer service professionals, some bringing decades of support experience. This means, we need to ensure our chatbot platform allows them to apply their expertise in a way that doesn’t lose the credibility of their knowledge.

We’re discovering that when provided with the right tools, CX professionals are able to step up to the plate and drive results, with many surprised at the speed in which they were able to introduce a chatbot and scale the automation.

Watch these interviews that demonstrate how two distinct clients, TopHat  and Rogers Bank, turn to our Ada on a daily basis to manage, track, and strengthen their support chatbot - no coding skills required.


3. Customized chatbots can reinforce brand creativity and care

It’s easy to assume that a chatbot would provide a very impersonal experience. However, as reinforced through my conversations, the tool can actually be used in a way that brings a business’ voice, visual brand, and values to life. Automated  customer experiences don’t have to be cold, but can be leveraged to scale a support team’s warmth across new channels, languages, and timezones.

As a creative writing community, Wattpad’s 65 million users around the world, expect the automated experience to be just as engaging as the content found within the ‘pages’ of its chatbot platform. And with Ada, just two support reps are able to exceed their expectations.

Watch and learn how Wattpad’s Community Managers leverage Ada to build a chatbot that stays true to Wattpad while supporting thousands of its monthly users around the world with 24/7 assistance.

Even though the quality of self-service is becoming core to brand differentiation, Forrester predicts that 20% of brands will give up on strategic CX initiatives and resort to price reduction for short term gains, (read more here). As further revealed in our own study with Forrester (here), customized chatbot support is  top of mind for CX leaders - yet only 50% of support teams have the right solution in place to achieve their personalization goals.

The clients I interviewed, however, told a different story. Without digital or technical backgrounds, they've driven digital and technical transformations while maintaining their brands' reputations for providing highly-personalized service.

As automation is introduced to every step across the customer journey, bringing deeper levels of customization, we know our chatbot platform must change too; however, the experience of our clients and their customers will always remain core to the decisions we make.

Reach out  to learn more about how our empathic approach can empower your support team.

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