Now Brands Talk is a show for leaders who want to close the brand interaction gap and bridge that tricky divide between brands and the people who love them. Our core belief is that brands are only as good as how they interact. To earn favor and build trust, brands must be continuously available, completely consistent, and always helpful, no matter when or where an interaction takes place.

Each episode of Now Brands Talk features a conversation with a trail-blazing leader about connecting people with the brands they love. Tune in to the conversation.

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Episode 11: What CX and EX Can Learn From Each Other

Zach leads the strategy for a CX team at a company that offers a platform for EX. He’s ideally positioned to share insights on the parallels between customer experience and employee experience and what these functions can learn from each other.

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Episode 9: 3 Types of Data for Good CX Decisions

We all get that data is important. Where we fail is getting the right data to the people who can use it to make CX decisions. Craig Stoss, Senior Program Manager at PartnerHero, talks about what brands are doing right (and wrong) with their data.

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Episode 7: Building a Community with Authentic Customer Relationships

They buy feelings. One sweater is more or less the same as another, but the feelings that we have when we buy this sweater versus that one are what will start building a customer community. Connor Curran, CEO at Local Laundry, talks about building a community based on authentic, genuine human relationships with customers.

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