Personalize interactions and engage customers with answers triggered by events

Connect Ada with your existing CRM, ticketing, and order tracking systems. Then proactively trigger answers based on events in these systems to engage customers with tailored offerings.


Start your digital transformation with SMS

A digital transformation is underway and many customers are turning to SMS to interact with brands.

With Handover, brands can deliver personalized experiences that increase customer satisfaction and revenue-generating opportunities on one of the most high-engagement interaction channels.


Drive loyalty and retention with Proactive SMS

Keep customers engaged on the channels they prefer. Build proactive, two-way automated SMS interactions that engage customers with information they care about — like order tracking updates and exclusive offers.

3 Tips To Grow A Healthy SMS Subscriber List

Train in whatever language you prefer and include brand specific terms with multilingual NLU

Combining the benefits of machine translation with a language-agnostic model, Ada lets you expand into new geographies with little-to-no additional training data needed. 

Edit training examples and view conversations, questions, and bot improvements in both the translated and original versions — making it faster and easier to improve and optimize the chat experience.