Instantly recognize what your customers are talking about with best-in-class NLU models

Ada offers proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities that instantly recognize what your customers are asking about with near-human understanding. Ada’s NLU engine combines multiple machine learning models specializing in analyzing text to understand intent and context in over 100 languages, even when the conversation includes jargon, typos, and incomplete sentences.

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Anticipate questions before they are even asked with Predictive Suggestions

Predictive suggestions anticipate what customers are going to ask before they even finish typing; when they begin writing their question, they are provided with a list of potential questions and actions that Ada can resolve. This reduces the time and effort to resolve their inquiry, but also guides them to phrase their questions to receive a more relevant and accurate response.


AI that anticipates how customers will interact with your brand

Uncover more ways to train Ada with suggestions that anticipate the various ways your customers will interact with your brand.

Use Training Suggestions to kickstart your automation strategy, increase the quality of training, and decrease the time it takes to maintain it while also boosting interaction recognition and containment.