Personalized interactions that (re)build customer connection

Long wait times and complicated conversations create customer angst. Wash away years of waiting on hold with Ada’s 24/7 customer service chatbot.

Anytime, anywhere:

  • Grow customer loyalty and automate both answers and actions
  • Address customer concerns with proactive updates  
  • Escalate to the right live agent, at the right time
Litebit achieved 94% NPS with Personalized customer experiences through Ada


Air Asia achieved over 90% CSAT through personalization with Ada

Make every customer experience unique

Don’t let a chatbot make your customer experience robotic. Use personalized CX to give every conversation a human touch by serving up engaging content that's timed and tailored to customers' unique interests.

Anytime, anywhere, provide customers with:

  • Account-specific information, like payment and upgrade plans
  • Products and promotions relevant to individual needs  
  • Tiered support paths based on every customer’s profile

Automation that puts customers in the driver's seat

Let customers self-serve and pay bills, book tickets, upgrade, etc., on their own

Save human support resources for high-value interactions; automate the rest:

  • Turn on omnichannel customer support
  • Integrate Ada with CRM systems and put automation first
  • Let customers pay bills, book tickets, upgrade, etc., on their own
“66% of customers will change brands to be treated like a name, not a number.”
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