“Ada has empowered our customers to self serve when able, and connect with our Sales or Support teams when additional support is needed. Serving all of our customers in a quick, efficient way while delivering happiness is very important to us. Ada has helped us scale to achieve that goal in an unprecedented time”
Lindsey Liranzo
Segment Head - Global Online Sales and Sales Development
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170% more proactive

It's time to ditch one size fits all marketing

Don’t wait for customers to interact. Reach out to them first and show you care. Ada’s conversational automation delivers the personalization customers crave, letting you build deeper, meaningful customer relationships at scale.

Personalize every touchpoint along the customer journey to deliver an experience that’s as unique as your customers are. So campaigns hit their market. Sales close faster. And you’ll create loyal customers, driving revenue and retention.

Forrester: Proactive Engagement Drives Exceptional CX
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Convert customers with ease

Proactive CX is simply better CX. Break the ice with targeted proactive outbound messaging.

Easily segment customers and customize campaigns with timely content based on their unique needs and interests. The result? You’ll increase customer engagement and conversion rates, while keeping CAC down.

Use Proactive Campaigns for:


  • Account upsells and cross-sells
  • Onboarding assistance


  • Seasonal promotions and discount codes
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Cart upsells

Increase speed-to-lead

Ada Engage generates and nurtures leads while your business development team sleeps. Industry-leading conversational AI lets you answer prospects’ questions on demand, anytime.

Replace static form fills with a powerful conversational experience that boosts lead capture, quality, and conversion.

85% of consumers are interested in receiving proactive messages
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Optimize the customer journey

Get the customer and campaign view you need to improve your revenue outcomes and make success simple and repeatable. 

  • Goals. Set and track custom Goals for your most valuable objectives—like leads created, meetings booked, or cart upsells—to directly measure the impact of your campaigns. 
  • A/B Testing. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decisions. Easily test variations of proactive and reactive messages to optimize performance.
  • Campaign & Event Reporting. Track campaign success metrics and engagement to measure key customer actions that impact your bottom line.

More qualified meetings for sales

Speed up deal cycles by auto-qualifying and routing leads, so conversations reach the right rep at the right time. Integrate with your CRM or MAP of choice to track the buyer journey, so you can arm your sales reps with the context they need to close deals faster.

By automating routine tasks, your reps can spend their time on what matters most—building valuable customer relationships.

Did you know you can use conversational AI across the entire customer journey?
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Plug and play into your existing tech stack



Reduce lead generation and qualification time with low human effort.



Build automated marketing campaigns, while tracking the entire customer journey.

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Simplify sales reps lives by automating the creation, qualification, and routing of leads.

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Identify your anonymous customers to create proactive, personalized experiences.

"With Ada driving automation first, we are able to use our Salesforce live agents to address more mission critical inquiries - including upsell of ancillary products."
Adam Geneave
Chief Customer Happiness Officer
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