Convert customers with ease

Be the first one to reach out. Break the ice with targeted proactive outbound messaging.

Easily segment customers and tailor campaigns with timely content based on their unique actions, needs and interests. The result? You’ll increase customer engagement and conversion rates, while keeping CAC down.


Increase speed-to-lead

Ada for marketing generates and nurtures leads while your team sleeps. Industry-leading conversational AI lets your brand interact and answer prospects’ questions on demand, anytime.

Replace static form fills with a powerful, dynamic conversational experience that boosts lead capture, quality, and conversion.


Increase the extensibility of your interactions

Reduce time to market and extend the impact of your marketing and sales interaction.

With dozens of out-of-the-box applications and integrations available in all categories ranging from chat handoff, to data enrichment, ticketing, and messaging channels, the App Directory makes it easy to plug into and start building with Ada's brand interaction platform.