Evolving Expectations for Automated Customer Experience (ACX)

Why customers are welcoming AI-powered solutions and what forms of ACX they want to engage with

As the stigma around chatbots dissipates, customer demand for personalized automation is on the rise. And as the number of AI-powered assistants continues to grow, so too must their capabilities.

Gone are the days of simple FAQ bots. Customers want to search, make changes, update plans, and process payments on their own. But more than that, customers want brands who remember their history and interests. They want tailored content across the channel of their choosing.

And they want it now.

Download this free infographic to learn more about:

  • The trend whereby customers prefer self-service or automated service over live support
  • Whether customers prefer proactive or reactive content
  • What demographic is most likely to request a hybrid human-bot customer service channel