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Improve Digital and Self-Service Capabilities

Customer service leaders must transform their organization’s digital and self-service capabilities to improve their resilience to the challenges of COVID-19. 

According to Gartner, “Organizations that have more mature digital service and self-service options can better cushion the impact from the increased request volume and the reduction of contact center capacity.”

Download the latest Gartner Report to learn more about:

  • Gartner’s six steps for the short term to lessen the challenges of COVID-19
  • Analysts’ tips on leveraging automation technologies to offload customer support volumes to digital services
  • Best practices for driving organizational change and creating a more mature digital customer service operation

Gartner Deliver Customer Service During COVID-19: Improve Digital and Self-Servce Capabilities, Olive Huang, Brian Manusama, 7 April 2020

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