50 million+

customers served with Ada

$100 million+

saved by Ada’s clients

1 billion+

minutes given back to customers

Use your customer service agents wisely

Save agents from the repetitive questions monopolizing their time and bringing down their spirits. Personalized customer service automation lets every customer feel special, giving agents time to prioritize complex, high-value inquiries that require a human touch.

  • Deflect 80% of inquiries across mobile, social & digital channels
  • Provide agents with transcripts for context into inquiries
  • Eliminate the need to hire and train agents for surges and spikes

Make customers winners (not whiners)

What are customers really asking for? A self-service solution that delivers! Diminish wait times and strengthen CSAT by making Ada available to support customers at any time - no agent required.

  • Launch a 24/7 chatbot that automates answers and actions
  • Globalize your business with customer service automation in 100+ languages   
  • Provide personalized updates, promos, and upgrades

Give your customer service teams the power to automate

Customer service professionals offer a wealth of knowledge about your business. Let them put it to good use with a chatbot they build and manage themselves - no technical skills required.

  • Move faster without dependence on IT timelines and resources
  • Anyone can create an engaging chatbot content in seconds 
  • Discover untapped talent and level-up your support team
“Having had previous experience with chatbots, I can say Ada's interface is the most intuitive, efficient and modern I've ever worked with. Creating answers or adding chatbot functionalities is as easy as it can be!”
 Ada's AI chatbot is a leader on G2 crowd
Hang-up your human-first support strategy. We’ll show you how.
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