Empower Live Agents To Have Better Brand Interactions

Everybody hates when live agents sound like robots - reading from scripts, asking you to repeat yourself over and over. It's inefficient and annoying. Automate first with Ada and use your humans wisely! Ada automates more than 90% of customer inquiries, freeing Zendesk live agents to step in when it matters most.

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Pascal Pettinicchio

"Ada's conversational AI platform partnered with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations provides a best-in-class experience for sales and support. Ada's ability to automate conversations and drive cost savings with simplicity and scale has made it a go-to solution for Zendesk customers of all sizes."

Pascal Pettinicchio
VP of Technology Alliances

Companies Love Ada + Zendesk

From SaaS to Fintech to eCommerce, companies are using the Ada + Zendesk combination to deliver the best-in-class mix of automation and live support!

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Ada Glass for Zendesk: Move seamlessly from AI to agent

Customers chat asynchronously, with seamless escalation to live support when it's needed. Meanwhile, Zendesk agents can serve customers in real time by entering and exiting the chat without interrupting the flow of conversation, working entirely in the workspace with which they are familiar and comfortable. 

Finally, a 24/7 Sales Rep!

Sales reps shouldn’t get bogged down with manual, administrative tasks. Ada automatically turns pre-sales conversations into qualified leads in Zendesk Sell CRM, freeing up your reps to focus on what matters most — building valuable customer relationships and winning deals.


“Ada brings significant value to customer-centric businesses by accelerating responses to simple inquiries, delivering better first response times, and empowering human agents to prioritize the more complex issues.”

Astha Malik
VP of Platform

Why use Ada's AI-powered chatbot?

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Provide customer support in 100+ languages
  • Provide 1-to-1 personalization
  • Ticketing automation
  • No-code bot building 
  • Solve 80%+ of customer inquries

Discover how LiteBit decreased ticket handling time by +90%

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Analytics Made Simple

Understanding the performance of your automation shouldn't be a guessing game. Ada's chatbot platform has an intuitive, easy-to-understand Analytics Dashboard that provides the data and direction you need to drive business outcomes.

Automate +30% of Customer Inquiries in 30 days

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