“In just weeks, we were able to launch a chatbot that transformed the experience for our traveling customers, whenever and wherever they are in the world. We have cut customer wait times from more than one hour to less than one minute.”
Adam Geneave
Chief Customer Happiness Officer

Provide automation across the customer journey

1.6 billion

monthly active users

175 million

people message a business account on WhatsApp every day

5 billion

businesses using WhatsApp

Scale the same personal touch

Typically as businesses grow, they encounter a trade-off between quality and volume of customer conversations.

Ada’s conversational AI however, is able to contextualize and customize individual conversations at scale, while creating a uniform customer experience across different channels. You no longer have to sacrifice conversation quality for volume.

Integrate your way

Built to integrate with the CXP solutions you already use, Ada’s hassle-free handoff allows more complex inquiries to be connected to a live agent, while allowing customers to stay within the same interface for seamless and timely resolution.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Ada in WhatsApp reduces effort for your CX team. Other chatbot platforms require a 1:1 ratio of bot to channel, but Ada allows you to build once and deploy across many channels.

Consumers receive the same experience everywhere, all without duplicating your organization’s effort!

How AirAsia leveraged Ada to reduce wait times to under one minute

Why use Ada's AI-powered chatbot?

24/7 customer support 

Provide customer support in 100+ languages 
Provide 1-to-1 personalization 

Ticketing Automation
No-code bot building
✅ Solve 80%+ of customer inquiries
Agent-first experiences do not scale. Automation-first does.