Automated Brand Interactions to Supercharge Salesforce

Ada's one-click integration with Salesforce delivers automation impact right out of the box. With Ada as the front line of the customer experience, customer details are automatically synced with your CRM, and Salesforce agents are freed for high-value moments that drive both CSAT and revenue.

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"We chose Ada over Einstein because Ada learns on its own, has easy-to-use reporting to quickly see where we aren't meeting customers' needs, and was purpose-built to provide the great automated customer experience that our customers deserve and want."

Bernie Leas
VP, Operations

Companies Love Ada + Salesforce

Companies are using Salesforce + Ada to deliver best-in-class brand interactions. 

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Automate first & use your humans wisely

Salesforce licenses are expensive! Why use skilled human resources to behave like robots? Ada automates mundane, repetitive interactions that make up the bulk of customer queries and frees live agents to focus on more complex, higher value interactions.

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Finally, a 24/7 sales sep for your brand!

Your sales reps shouldn’t be bogged down with manual, administrative tasks. Ada automatically turns pre-sales conversations into qualified leads in Salesforce, freeing up your reps to focus on what matters most — building valuable customer relationships and winning deals.

See Ada in action with Raise & Salesforce

Raise used Ada in front of Salesforce to deliver better brand interactions, resulting in a 45% decrease in phone call volume. By automating first, Raise was able to free Salesforce agents to focus on high-value, complex interactions, thereby diminishing wait times and improving CSAT.


"Currently, our team is handling 10 times the volume of queries, which is now at about half a million guests on a daily basis. In the midst of this unprecedented surge in queries and requests, AVA (Ada) has been able to provide answers to 80 percent of queries. This frees up our team to assist guests who have more complex or urgent queries without excessive wait times.”

Bayley Clark
Head, Customer Happiness

Why use Ada's Brand Interaction platform?

  •  24/7 customer support
  • 100+ languages 
  • 1-to-1 personalization 
  • Lead automation
  • Ticketing automation
  • No-code bot building
  • Solve 80%+ of customer inquiries

AirAsia Reduced Wait Time by 98% in only 4 weeks

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Analytics and insights made simple

Understanding the performance of your brand interactions shouldn’t be a guessing game. Ada's chatbot has an intuitive, easy-to-understand Analytics Dashboard that provides the data and direction you need to drive business outcomes.

Automate +30% of customer inquiries in 30 days

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