Bernie Leas
"We chose Ada over Einstein because Ada learns on its own, has easy-to-use reporting to quickly see where we aren't meeting customers' needs, and was purpose-built to provide the great automated customer experience that our customers deserve and want."
Bernie Leas
VP Operations
Balsam Brands
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Bring bots and agents together

They might just turn out to be the dream team. Automating the mundane, repetitive tasks that make up the bulk of customer queries lets agents focus on more complex issues.

Ada in Action with Raise & Salesforce

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level with automation? Raise used Ada's chatbot with Salesforce to deliver a better customer experience that resulted in a 45% decrease in phone call volume.

Adam G airasia
"Currently, our team is handling 10 times the volume of queries, which is now at about half a million guests on a daily basis. (…) In the midst of this unprecedented surge in queries and requests, AVA (Ada chatbot) has been able to provide answers to 80 percent of queries. This frees up our team to assist guests who have more complex or urgent queries without excessive wait times.”
Adam Geneave
Chief Customer Happiness Officer
Air Asia (1)
Predictive Search SaaS (1)

Why use Ada's AI-powered chatbot?

24/7 customer support 

Customer support in 100+ languages 
Provide 1-to-1 personalization 

Lead Automation
Ticketing Automation
No-code bot building
✅ Solve 80%+ of customer inquiries
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Analytics made simple

Understanding the performance of your chatbot shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our chatbot has an intuitive, easy-to-understand Analytics Dashboard that provides the data and direction you need to drive business outcomes.


Salesforce Service Cloud Automated Ticketing

When a human touch is needed, Ada’s chatbot can automatically generate an email ticket that captures key inquiry details, with no manual effort required from your team.