“We’re focused on creating the best possible experience for our customers, and that means the tools we need to be powerful and flexible enough to match our vision."
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Ada Glass: A seamless handoff experience

Provide a delightful conversational experience with the most seamless handoff between AI and live chat! Ada’s handoff from chatbots to agents in Oracle Service Cloud improves chat experiences for both customers and agents!
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Experience Industry-Leading AI

Ada’s industry-leading AI (NLP and global ML model) makes it the easiest chatbot to build and train for enterprises. Businesses spend the least time on automating personalized customer experiences and still reaching a containment rate of up to 80%.
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No-code Needed!

Ada’s no-code integration platform sets CX teams for success. Non-technical teams can instantly integrate Ada with any customer data systems and deploy 1 single bot across various channels- without IT hassles!
“CD Baby has grown to millions of active users, and our customer support is what sets us apart. We rely on our Ada bot to provide instant self-service, then triage and route more complex questions for our human support team in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.”
Priscilla Shaw
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Why integrate with Ada?

✅  Swift bot deployment in 30 days

✅  Boost containment rate to 80%+

✅  Free up IT resources
✅  Dedicated ACX consulting service
✅  Scale with no-code/low-code flexibility
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