“We’re focused on creating the best possible experience for our customers, and that means the tools we need to be powerful and flexible enough to match our vision."
Jesper Svensson
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Ada Glass: AI to agent with one click

Enable Oracle agents to enter and exit the chat without interrupting conversation flow.

Ticketing Automation

Ada’s chatbot can automatically generate an email ticket that captures key inquiry details, with no manual effort required from your team.

“CD Baby has grown to millions of active users, and our customer support is what sets us apart. We rely on our Ada bot to provide instant self-service, then triage and route more complex questions for our human support team in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.”
Priscilla Shaw
Continuous Improvement and Quality AssuranceSpecialist
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Why use Ada's AI-powered chatbot?

24/7 customer support 

Provide customer support in 100+ languages 
Provide 1-to-1 personalization 

Ticketing Automation
No-code bot building
✅ Solve 80%+ of customer inquiries
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Eliminate repetitive tasks for your agents

Turn your Knowledge base into automated answers for your customers and free your agents to deal with more complex customer inquires.

3 ways CX leaders can win with tighter budgets
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