Move seamlessly from AI to agents

Let Ada's chatbot automate 80% of brand interactions and reserve your Gladly agents for revenue-generating opportunities.

Intelligent routing matches the right customer to the right service team via live chat, social channels, email, and phone support - so you can drive the highest efficiency without hiring and training more staff.


Meet your customers in a unified view

Ada helps your agents build customer empathy and speed up time to resolution, by sending full conversation transcripts and customer information into their singular timeline view in Gladly.

No more dealing with separated tickets and emails. Build on a life-long personal relationship with your customers, every time they reach out.
"When our company grew from 0 to 4 million customers in two years, it was nearly impossible to scale our one-to-one customer experience at the same pace. Now with Ada, our agents have more time to connect with customers to solve complex problems and our customers always have quick access to help right when they need it."
Lorissa Ancheta
Director of Customer Care
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Power up your Gladly tech stack with Ada

✅ Industry-leading Conversational AI

✅ Launch in 30 days with no-code building platform
Out-of-the-box integrations built for e-commerce 

Proactive campaigns for revenue generation
✅ Purpose-built analytics and reporting
✅ Dedicated ACX consulting service & academy
How Shapermint boosted their live agents' share of sales by 50% with Ada
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