“With Ada’s intuitive solution, we were able to move at speed to deploy a proof of concept and help our local teams build and refine content flows quickly and independently. We’re thrilled that we have exceeded our target in the first 3 months and are looking forward to refining the Messenger-powered digital assistant."
Elaine Neo
Regional Social Marketing Manager
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Self-service for everyone, everywhere

Reduce customer effort and confusion by introducing Ada as the first line of assistance on your website, mobile applications, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Chat and SMS.

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Perfect the AI to live agent handoff

Ada lets you put automation first, and then escalates seamlessly from instant chatbot to live agent, when it matters most to your customers.

  • Live agents can jump in and out of the conversation - and customers stay in the same user interface
  • Connect customers with the right agents at the right time, based on their needs and interests
  • Let agents work within their existing live chat software - no new training required
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Let Ada take on ticketing

Ada reduces time and effort on both sides of the conversation by automatically creating an email ticket and sharing it with the right agent to pick up where Ada left off.

  • Integrate Ada with your CRM so tickets slide seamlessly into the queue
  • Empower agents with transcripts, and the context they need to provide efficient customer support
Multichannel CX has become table stakes
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A personalized chatbot for every occasion

It can be hard to keep track of customer conversations when you have so many product lines, services, and departments. Ada makes it easy. Deploy a variety of chatbots that communicate and handoff between one another to offer the customer a seamless experience.

  • Instantly connect customers with the right part of your organization based on their expressed needs and interests
  • Route customers from chatbot to chatbot, within the same UI

Less scheduling, more supporting

Diminish frustrating wait times by asking customers to schedule time to speak with an agent, at their convenience. Ada’s self-serve solution lets customers proactively book a meeting for further discussion, maintenance, appointments, and more.

  • Integrate Ada with your team’s calendar for instant scheduling
  • Use pre-set meetings to prioritize and schedule support staff
Your front line support awaits our AI.
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