“63% of customers are happy to be served by a chatbot, if there is an option to escalate the conversation to a human.”

A hassle-free handoff

When a customer requires live support, Ada Glass instantly connects customers with an agent who can easily transition in and out of Ada’s chatbot, without hindering chat flow.
Adam Geneave
"Besides ensuring our chatbot has a human touch, being able to transition to a live agent is also important. In cases where a customer request has to be handed over, the live agent needs to have the full history and be able to continue the conversation seamlessly. With Ada, we can do that."
Adam Geneave
Chief Customer Happiness Officer
Air Asia (1)

Give your agents the power to perform better

Eliminate frustrating conversations holding back your CSAT. When a customer needs live assistance, Ada provides the agent with a full transcript of the automated conversation, arming them with the context they need to have impact. And no need to retrain your live agents on a new application - they can continue the conversation within the familiar live chat environment.

Put your best agent forward

Ada can route the handoff to the next available live agent who is best suited to assist based on the customer’s specific needs and interests.
Don’t keep your customers waiting. Automate with Ada.
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