Bring down wait times by 95%

As competition and customer expectations continue to soar, quality self-service is essential to keep up with the needs of the modern, digitally-connected traveler. Wait times for live support should not be longer than security lines at the airport. Introduce an automation-first strategy with Ada’s travel & airline chatbot.

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“In just weeks, we were able to launch a chatbot that transformed the experience for our traveling customers, whenever and wherever they are in the world. We have cut customer wait times from more than one hour to less than one minute.”
Adam Geneave, Chief Customer Happiness Officer, Air Asia.
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Take off with the instant benefits of Ada’s AI

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Take customers on new adventures

Watch your customer satisfaction reach new heights with Ada’s on-demand, self-service travel and airline chatbot as the frontline of your support. Dramatically reduce wait times by providing a personalized experience that automates both answers and actions in the customer’s language of choice. 

  • Anytime, anywhere, let your customers:
  • Search for flights, hotel rooms, and destinations
  • Look up flight time, reservations & check-in
  • Purchase tickets and packages 
  • Get updates on delays and issues
  • Access rewards and loyalty points
  • Identify lost items and baggage
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travel chatbot

Cruise with automated revenue

With Ada’s artificial intelligence chatbot, your customer support team and marketing teams can automate actions that generate revenue. 

Drive sales with proactive, personalized up-sell promotions and cross-sell opportunities:

  • Purchase tickets and reserve rooms
  • Access lounge privileges
  • Upgrade seats, meals, and entertainment
  • Purchase hotel rooms, car rentals, and tours 
  • Join your loyalty program
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Stop grounding your agents

Ada’s conversational AI integrates with live chat software to escalate high-value requests to agents for focused support and ensures a positive conversation by providing the agent with a full transcript.

With Ada, your customer support team and marketing teams can automate actions that generate revenue.

Ada’s chatbot is the simple solution for all your complex connections. Customers will be amazed by your new and improved customer service and customer support system while generating jaw-dropping revenue.

Handle high churn customer scenarios and deliver a complete experience:

  •  Address pricing concerns
  •  Inform of flight changes and delays
  •  Address missed connections or cancellations
  •  Continue the conversation within the same chat window
  •  Complete chat transcripts for live agents
  •  Unified bot and live chat UI 
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Manage Booking

Rewards & Promotions

Upgrades & Add-ons

Provide first-class service

Ada’s travel expertise allows your automated strategy to take-off from day one. Ada’s rapid deployment and industry experience ensure you realize the benefits of automation faster and start delighting your customers sooner. Hover over any block to discover how Ada keeps your revenue and CSAT score flying high.

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