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With telecom competition on the rise, the demand for the best customer service has increased and has become the standard for most customers. Ada’s telecom chatbot is the change that will revolutionize your customer support system—making your platform the most powerful and convenient channel that is supported by an AI chatbot

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“From our customers to our agents, and even into the C-suite, Ada has surpassed the expectations of all our stakeholders.”
Director of Automated Customer Experience, TELUS



Upgrade your telecom support strategy

Great service on speed-dial

Boost customer satisfaction by introducing Ada’s on-demand, self-service telecom chatbot as the frontline of your support. Reduce wait times with a personalized experience that automates both answers and actions in the customer’s language of choice. 

  • Generate a paperless bill
  • Track their next device upgrade and warranty
  • Monitor monthly data allotment
  • Check account balance and payment schedule
  • Set up calling features and voicemail
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Answer the call for revenue

With Ada's conversational AI, your support and marketing teams can automate actions that generate revenue. Proactively engage customers with tailored offers and promotions to drive up-sell and improve CX..

  • Upgrade devices and plans
  • Top-up data
  • Make account payments
  • Long-distance packages 
  • Pay Per View channel purchases
  • Travel promotions
  • Internet/TV/landline packages
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No more busy signals

Just because your customer base is growing, doesn’t mean your support team has to explode. Ada integrates with live chat software to escalate high-value requests to agents who provide focused support, armed with a full transcript to continue the conversation.

Resolve high churn customer scenarios and deliver a complete experience:

  • Product or pricing concerns
  • Match competitive offers
  • Explain additional charges 
  • Update on service disruptions 
  • Eligibility for promotions 
  • Seamless conversation within one chat window
  • Complete chat transcripts 
  • Unified bot and live chat UI
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Ada speaks your customer's language

Ada’s deep knowledge of telecommunications means that from day one, you're ready to serve every customer. Avoid slow and costly deployment with help from Ada’s experienced ACX team and start delighting customers instantly. Hover over any block to discover how Ada provides exceptional service to international telcos.

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