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In today's on-demand economy, people expect the world at their fingertips. Your customers are already raving about your content — with Ada, they will be raving about your customer experience too.

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Lower customer effort with personalized support at scale

Whether it’s a prospect seeking subscription advice or an existing customer looking to troubleshoot, Ada’s conversational AI makes it easy for everyone to instantly get the tailored support they need — 24/7 and across channels.  

Let customers:

  • Update subscription and payment details
  • Upgrade or downgrade packages
  • Stop and start services
  • Investigate service disruptions
  • Resolve billing questions
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“Ada has made it possible for our support team to punch above its weight in every way, supporting our global community of 80 million people with conversational AI. Ada instantly resolves hundreds of thousands of customer inquiries each year."

Barbara Ott | Head of Community | Wattpad

Channel steering > channel surfing

No more hunting down human support. Ada integrates directly with your existing software to intelligently triage and route interactions using conditional logic, so customers are strategically escalated to email, live chat, or a scheduled callback depending on their subscription tier, products, or inquiry.

No matter what channel they’re in, Ada ensures every customer interaction is efficient and exceptional by providing agents with the context they need to swiftly serve.

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End-to-end customer experience at your fingertips

With a robust suite of no-code integrations, it’s simple to connect Ada with your CRM, MAP, data enrichment tools, and more to deliver a conversational experience that converts — both pre- and post-sale.

  • Deliver personalized offers and promotions based on customer tier, subscription package, and more
  • Connect high-intent prospects directly to a sales rep to sign up new users faster
  • Provide proactive support for common inquiries, reducing tickets and churn
  • Share product how-to’s and onboarding guidance
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Ada is ready for media

With Ada, customers can access their account details, manage subscriptions, and access detailed onboarding guides - all without a live agent. Our state-of-the-art brand interaction platform is designed to enrich your customer experience through instant, intelligent customer experience.


Account & details

  • View bill 
  • Change details 
  • Password reset

Subscriptions & billing

  • Payment options
  • Renewals 
  • Next payment info


  • Product how-to's
  • User guides
  • Feature walk throughs


  • Error triaging 
  • Browser support
  • Service interruptions

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