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reduction in agent handle time


faster response time to top priority questions
“We’re a technology company, and our value comes from providing people with fast, smart and mobile-first solutions, so when it came to selecting the right chatbot, Ada fit our goals in every way.”
Nimrod Barnea
VP, Customer Experience and Business Development
Go automation-first to quickly and affordably scale.
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Get to know your customer, personally

Offer contextual and personalized customer support at scale with Ada’s AI chatbot. Optimize and augment human interactions for complex inquiries, saving time for your customers and agents.

With the help of Ada’s chatbot, we can help you magnify your customer support system to increase your business’s overall customer experience

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Scalable, secure and compliant customer service

Empower your growing customer base with Ada’s FinTech chatbot. Meet your customer anywhere in their journey with instant 24/7 support - on your website, in-app, and social channels. All while complying with GDPR, SOC2, and PCI.

Educate customers every step of the way

New financial tools can be daunting, even for a digital native. Educate each unique customer as they evaluate your offering, and help them discover your capabilities.

Amanda Kwok
"The BEST vendor I've ever worked with and a 50% reduction in our chat wait times! Ada's back end is intuitive and easy to learn and use.”
Amanda Kwok
Director of Customer Experience

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Ada is fluent in FinTech

Skip the slow set-up times and costly training resources with Ada’s deep FinTech expertise that get you to market faster. Hover over any block to discover how Ada delivers FinTech digital customer experience at scale.

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