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Ditch basic chatbots. Hire Ada’s AI Agent instead.

When you work with Ada, you hire an AI Agent with the capabilities to resolve over 70% of your customer service inquiries, across channels and languages, while being up to 8 times less expensive than human agents.

Companies that get the best results typically have a minimum monthly conversation volume of 3,000 or more.

Sound familiar? Book a call with one of our customer service experts to:

  • Review your current setup and identify opportunities for AI in your customer experience
  • Discover use cases tailored to your industry
  • Learn how Ada's AI Agent can improve your CX and deliver positive ROI
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We've helped 350+ businesses save time, money and resources

"Our AI Agent brings us closer to our clients, reducing operational burden and increasing our automated resolution to help our team think about big picture levers we can pull to create a better client experience."

Portrait of Paul Teshima
Paul Teshima
Chief Client Experience Officer
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"We saw impressive gains when implementing the scripted chatbot, but were blown away by the results of our generative AI Agent. With the AI Agent, we no longer have to rely on human intervention to address new customer inquiries that come through when we've updated our product."

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Allie Hurley
Head of Global Support
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2x increase in Automated Resolution Rate
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$2.7MM annual savings
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291% ROI

A complete CX team, powered by AI

Onboard the most capable AI Agent, measure its performance, and coach it to continuously improve. All in one easy-to-use platform.

Upgrade from scripted chatbot to AI Agent.

Rather than trying to plan for and build answers for every possible problem like a typical conversational chatbot, your AI Agent draws on data from your business systems to reason through unique situations and deliver personalized resolutions.


Increase self-service resolution and continuously improve CX.

Increase satisfaction and reduce customer service costs by empowering customers to resolve inquiries on-demand. Your AI Agent improves over time — just like a human would — and scales automatically as your business grows.


Onboard your AI Agent and connect to your tech stack in minutes.

Your AI Agent will learn everything it needs to know about your company by connecting to your existing knowledge sources. Integrate with your third-party tools and customer experience platform (no code required) to perform tasks and deliver unique experiences.


Deliver multilingual, omnichannel customer service.

Offer 24/7, consistent service no matter where your customers are. Your AI Agent can resolve inquiries on web, mobile, social, SMS, and phone channels, and speak to your customers in 50+ languages.


Deliver extraordinary customer service. Hire Ada.