Trade long wait times for instant chatbot support

With Ada's AI chatbot for customer service, you can help customers 24/7, no matter where they are. No need to extend customer support hours or add new agents. Ada's chatbot is there instantly - across mobile, digital, and social channels.
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Looking to raise CSAT? Personalize your CX

Customize every interaction to strengthen brand loyalty. Ada’s AI chatbot acts on each customer's information, intent, and interests with tailored answers, proactive discounts, and relevant recommendations in 100+ languages.
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Put your customer support agents back in charge

Boring and repetitive work can drag down productivity and morale. But Ada's chatbot for customer service offers much-needed relief, freeing agents to resolve high-value inquiries that could really use a human touch.
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Customer service is no longer a cost center

Customer service chatbots aren’t just for automating responses to FAQ's and reducing headcount costs. With Ada's AI chatbot, you can drive new revenue by automating transactions and providing up-sell opportunities.
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Automating with Ada's chatbot


No IT department required

Building a customer service chatbot with Ada doesn’t require code or developers. Your own support team, those who know your content and customers best, can create experiences with speed and ease.

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One connected experience

It’s easy to integrate Ada's chatbot seamlessly with your live chat provider so that customers can move from customer service chatbot to live agent and back again with no friction whatsoever.

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New insights in real time

An analytics dashboard clearly tracks and demonstrates your customer service chatbot’s performance, as well as key trends in your customers’ inquiries and behaviour.

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Customer Results
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Automating 70%+ of Zoom's sales inquiries


agent hours saved


reduction in time to qualify leads

Reducing AirAsia’s wait time by 98% in 4 weeks


customers supported instantly


inquiries solved without agent

Save your agents and customers’ time with Ada
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