Praoctive Conversations

Ada CX: 1+1=3

Ada CX combines the power of Ada Engage with Ada Support in one customer experience chatbot, empowering you to run personalized campaigns to both new and existing customers. Proactively engage your customers to:

  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Increase in-product adoption
  • Promote conversion, new products, and offers
  • Renew and upgrade subscriptions
  • Reduce churn

Simplify sales, marketing, and support

With Ada's AI chatbot across the customer journey, you have the power to connect with customers anytime, anywhere. Let Ada identify the customer and their intent through casual conversation, then direct the customer to the right team (sales or service) at the right time. Ada fuels your human team with the context they need to swiftly serve, sell, and impress.
Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Break down silos with Ada CX

Teamwork makes the dream work - that applies to your customer experience, too! Ada CX invites your sales, customer support, and marketing teams to collaborate on the best-in-class experience your customers deserve - from day one and beyond!

Unified customer insight

Get consistent analytics to inform the entire customer journey, from conversion to retention. With analytics to help you segment and target customers, Ada CX lets your sales and marketing teams tie your automated customer experience to real business results.

Automating with Ada's chatbot


No-code for everyone

Building a customer experience chatbot  with Ada doesn’t require code or developers. The CX pros who know your customers best can create experiences and campaigns with speed and ease.

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Industry-leading conversational AI

Ada’s conversational AI touts recognition rates of 90%+ in over 100 languages to understand what matters most - customer intent. In seconds, CX professionals are able to train and tailor an Ada chatbot to their specific industry and customers.

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Seamless handoffs

Take customers from chatbot to a human in one interface with Ada’s Glass technology. Ada plugs into the tech stack you already use to route appropriately to sales and customer support agents.

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Reducing AirAsia’s wait time by 98% in 4 weeks


customers supported instantly


inquiries solved without agent

Saving TELUS 150,000+ hours of customer effort


customers supported instantly


inquiries solved without agent

Generate Revenue. Increase CSAT. Reduce Churn.
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