increase in CSAT results from implementing AI


customer service leaders see increased CSAT from chatbots


customers would switch companies after a single instance of poor service
"With Ada at the front of our customer service, we are able to lower live agent attrition, while also growing customer CSAT. I have never seen that in my career!"
Joe Wang - Senior Director of Customer Experience, Upwork
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Analyze the root cause of low CSAT

At any point in the conversation, customers can share their feedback. Through configurable survey questions and actionable reports, turn CSAT data into action.
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Rescue dissatisfied customers

Based on a customer’s degree of satisfaction, personalize the response to improve the experience. You can ‘rescue’ those customers who score 1 out of 5 with an automated response offering a promotion or by escalating to a live agent.
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Proactively optimize satisfaction

Surface new opportunities to improve CSAT by monitoring satisfaction data in real time. With greater visibility, you can take action on customer feedback, drive retention and grow lifetime value.
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Change the way you look at CSAT.
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